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Oak Spider

in #actifit6 months ago

Hey Steemians,

Also today we had wonderful weather with a lot of sunshine. The temperatures have reached pleasant 24°C. In the next week, we should get normal summer temperatures around 28 to 30°C.

I discovered this Oak Spider hanging in her spider web on my today's walk.

Oak Spider
Aculepeira Ceropegia

▲ Click on the image for higher resolution ▲

For more information about the photographed animal or plant, please visit the following link.
Oak Spider on Wikipedia

Camera settings

Camera Nikon D7100
Lens Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 VC USD
Aperture F16
Exposure time 1/250 sec
ISO 400
Focal length 90mm

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Have a nice day,

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Lovely colours on that Oak spider Kevin. The weather is very pleasant here now but hay fever is high. Sniff sniff 😂😂

No beer for me just now to much histamine. U+R

Thank you very much, Michael :-)
Great to hear that you have also pleasant weather. Oh, not good. I have some attacks of hay fever too this year. There is something blooming that my nose don't like.

Ok, so no beer for you. But maybe a cold Coke?

As always, great shot!
I’m impressed of how many particulars you can find during your walking time: great awareness, man! 👏

One more !BEER ❓😜

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Thank you very much @amico :-)
Sometimes I can't find anything, or I just want to walk without taking a closer look.
I'll get drunk if this goes on like this. :-D
Cheers 🍻

Good night, mate!

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One day too late, but anyway: Good night :-)
And one !BEER back :-D
Cheers 🍻

Good night! ^_^

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Very awesome shot. Love the colors and lighting. Nature is simply stunning.

Thank you very much for your kind words @buzweaveryoutube :-)

Really cool photo! Well done. :)

Thank you very much :-)

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