VLOG #19: Queen’s Necklace, Mumbai, India. Walking around this sidewalk called “Marine ...

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... Drive”, so relaxing and the sea breeze was very nice. I didn’t have time to wait until nighttime to see the lights around 😔.


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It really amazing place I like this place Sooooo much

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Is soooo relaxing 😊

Bollywood of India

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You r right @ lonejaveed

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I didn't have the privilege to see any life bollywood production :(

In 2006 I was there

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Thanx dear & good night

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Such a lucky dawg! That place looks so nice. Wish they increased the limit from 60 seconds to 5 min. That would be cool! Then you could pack in some sweet footage!

yeah bro, I have to cut a lot of stuff.

Una linda vista @crypt0lizard, imagino que ya la India es parte de ti, ya que experiencias como estas son tan especiales, Gracias por compartirlo.

Muchas gracias 😊, fue una experiencia única. Para mi es un placer

Hola @crypt0lizard, es muy bonita esa bahía, la improvisación con Megan salió mejor que si la hubieses planeado, gracias por compartirlo…

Hahahahaha 😂, asi mismo es. She is the best hahahaha . Siempre un placer para mi

Always a fabulous job with this videos :D

Thank you bro, very appreciated

Keep them coming

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I will, definitely

Queen's Necklace

One of the best place to visit in rainy season and the joy double at night...
An amazing place even if u visit a 100 time...

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I really liked it, walking around this shore is nice... I missed the night tho, 😔

One of the best city of India.

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And I didn't enjoyed 100% because the time 😩

Saludos @crypt0lizard, excelente para dar un paseo disfrutando de la brisa del mar.

Asi mismo es, riquisimo. Saludos

Eres muy carismático @crypt0lizard as involucrado a tu amiga aun cuando ella estaba dudosa, sigue disfrutando saludos.

Bahahahahahahahha asi mismo es... muchas gracias mano

Excellent video. It is a pity that you did not show us all the beauty of the night lights on the embankment. Maybe another time :)

😩😩 I KNOWWWW, honestly I was sick 🤢 after my trip back from Manali, I cannot even went to places and enjoyed the Mumbai nightlife 😩😩😩

Amigo @crypt0lizard se le saluda, esta cool esa marina, agradece a Megan su participación.

hahahhahahah se lo diré, Saludos mano.

Bollywood city

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Hahahaha My friend told me the same

Ya its beautiful city of incredible India.

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That is really a beautiful beach.

It is, a lot of people there, however the pollution didn’t allow me to record better shots. 😔

Yes .But it is ok bro.

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Guao esta genial espero tengas la oportunidad de hacer un vídeo nocturno, gracias @crypt0lizard

Pues, tenia esos planes, pero mi cuerpo estaba destrozado hahahahhahahaha.

Hola @crypt0lizard se te nota mucho lo tanto que estas disfrutando tu estadía en la India. Gracias por compartirlo.

Hay que sacarle el probecho al maximo 😂, un placer

Nunca imagine que la India tuviese tanto que recorrer, gracias nuevamente @crypt0lizard por este gran aporte.

India es gigante, Y solo recorrí 7 ciudades.

Very nice sidewalk, thanks.

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It really is, long walk tho, hahahaha very nice environment

Awesome View From The Top🥰

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It is, very very nice. That guy took it when he is traveling.

I will have to visit there. The beauty is pretty cool

yea bro, go and visit. is nice there.

@crypt0lizard are the vlogs still live

Hi there, I am so busy working on my own projects and get stuck on that, I will get back soon again. A lot of videos/stories to tell. Thanks for the followup. OH SNAP, I forgot to upload the last India Vlog. I Will upload soon.

Yeah man, no slacking off! Hahaha!


eagerly waiting for it dude!

Thanks for that man, I will do my best, :)

can i talk you on discord or may be on another platform..??

discord is fine

ok please share your discord username. I need to talk to you!

You got a 4.71% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @iampolite!

@cryptolizard,fabulous finding

thank you bro

hola! He estado viendo tus post, son geniales y además me transmiten emociones, yo soy nuevo en steemit, me sería de gran ayuda que me ayudara so un poco. Gracias 😄

Muchas gracias , me alegra que te gusten mano. Claro, para eso son los Likes(upvotes) :)


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Gracias :)

Lol that seems legit

hahahaha yeap.

That’s a nice drone shot. @crypt0lizard

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That picture was taken from an airplane by Bhavya Maniar via twitter.

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excelente entra qui: https://veneapp.com/2019![folder (3).png]
canal de youtube:https://veneapp.com/fXo2Ejsq

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Que lugar tan hermoso ___

Si, de verdad se ve bien. Lo malo es la contaminación no deja verlo bien. 😔

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