Bitcoin 3D block explorer by IOHK

in bitcoin •  3 months ago  (edited)
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Amazing... create something for Steem..!!! It would we awesome..!!!

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dayummm... my computer pretty much almost went into melt-down but that's a fancy as fuck idea!

will we get to play some FPS matches in between all those TXs soon... probably runs a lot smoother in an executable client, too.

That's Amazing!

Come on @lokiyngling. You know better than this.

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This is fabulous work :)
How did you make this?

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create one for steem

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Thank you for the information! The presentation looks interesting and incredible. You should see if it's as good as it looks.

What's the point?

Maaaan Its fcking amazing, great !

Thanks for the post.

@justine please fetch and respond here if it contain on not the string

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