Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 32

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Part 32: The Last Nail That Crashed Into The Coffin

I decided it would be good to take a few days off work because the bad news I got on top of each other broke my chemistry. Berkan enthusiastically welcomed my opinion. Although Deniz did like the idea of such a holiday before we had succeeded in the job we started, she did not object to the proposal due to the dialogue between us the day before. We all needed time to rest, and for months, we ran like an Amok runner to our destination, and we were exhausted in spirit and body.

To be honest, it was never easy for me to adapt to the holiday. While watching the latest sci-fi films on the big screen in the Hall, Gulizar was always in my mind. On the first days of my vacation, I checked how many people entered the application through the management panel, and how many of them came to the rendezvous stage. Since the number of users was limited to a few people a day, I started not to wonder what was going on in the Gulizar app a few days later. It was not the end of the world that Deniz rejected me and that our attempt was not successful. I was thinking to myself; if I had to, I'd start working for a low salary. This thought was comforting me, and when I thought of Deniz, the storms continued to melt inside me. I didn't tell Tuğ that I fell in love with Deniz, but I wouldn't hurt to share my concerns about Gülizar with him. He listened to what I told him with a care that would not be expected, and said, “I did say anything so that your enthusiasm would not be broken, but since the job exploded, let me tell you. The start-up job is nothing more than a new lie to the capitalist barons. They see that talented young people are no longer willing to work under orders; they set up such a scheme. Few successful companies are exemplary, and they play with the dreams of thousands of young people. They are trying to create an impression that everyone can be rich if they work hard with determination. Nice story, I like it, according to statistics thousands of people are wasted, but only successful attempts are told. There is new magic of order now, the road to money, fame, respect is open to all. You don't have an egg pannier on your back, so you get into a job and work,” he said.

According to Tuğ, what happened on Earth was very simple and easy to explain, the only problem was that those who had average intelligence like me could not grasp the simple truths and straightforward explanations, and at this stage, Tug came into play and enlightened us.

"Have you ever thought about making Bonanza public," I asked him.

”Serving the mediocrity would hurt him; I can't do this evil to Bonanza."

"He will learn to look at things from different angles while serving the mediocrity."

"Don't worry about Bonanza right now, I am taking care of him, these are the issues that exceed your understanding," Tuğ said, showing that he was not in a good mood. He was humiliating me without showing any hesitation.

I said, “If you go with this attitude, it won't take long for someone to break your head.”

He reached such a point of unconsciousness that he did not understand why I was saying this to him, after looking at my face with a dull expression for a while, he went to his room.

A few days later, Deniz called and said that improvements related to Gülizar had come to her mind and that she wanted to apply these improvements and see the results. I thought it would be challenging to get Berkan to start working again, and I couldn't find the energy to convince him, so I told Deniz that if she could persuade him, we could start working the next day.

The next day, we reconvened in my house, and in addition to improvements Deniz thought, we worked on the visual mapping that Bonanza recommended.

Deniz was wearing a Japanese shirt that left her shoulders open and collected her hair, and because she had rested over time, she had a limpid expression on her face. The signs of hesitation following my proclamation of love against me seemed to have disappeared. I felt a bit of resentment towards Berkan and Deniz. Deniz did not respond to my passion, and Berkan never believed in our project. Both of them could have been right about not believing me, as of now we were far behind the goal we hoped to achieve, and there was no sign that we could make our goal on the horizon. United Angels' primary benchmark for the investment was the number of customers using the application and judging by the number of users we reached; we were far from the goal of investing.

Our work has been very productive, and we have managed to reflect on all the changes we have planned. As Deniz and Berkan get up and ready to leave, we got an e-mail from United Angels. We thought it contained information about the development program, but we were wrong. The incoming e-mail contained information that our platform was not eligible for investment as a result of the evaluation. It was emphasized that the assessment did not include a judgment on the quality of our work or the chance of success in the future, and it was stated that it was not included in the investment program because it could not reach the top five in the ranking.

We kept quiet for a while and tried to digest the news. “It wasn't unexpected, but it shook me when I heard it,” said Deniz.

“This game is not over yet, do not worry,” Berkan replied.

"I don't know about you, but I started looking for a job with a wage, and we have to be prepared for a bad scenario."

"Don't worry about it, " said Berkan, and he came and hugged me. It was a gesture I would never expect from him. We agreed to follow the development of the number of users for a while and to meet ten days later to make the final decision on Gulisar.

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