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You heard that right! With the Steem Price around .20 cents, anyone can become a "Steem Dolphin" for just around $1000.

So what is a Steem Dolphin? It's when a person achieved at least 5000+ Steem Power from buying, earning, and curating. 💁‍♂️

If you ask me, that is a great deal. 😎

I've seen thousands of people here on Steem that have been on the platform for more than a year and 95% of them are not even close.

WTF!! This makes no sense to me at all! I'm wondering what these people are really "doing" here.

If you believe in Steem and haven't hit Dolphin Status as of yet, you need to ask yourself why the hell not.

It's kinda funny when I see the people who "bitch and complain" here on Steem are people who don't have that much Stake.

The most complaints that I see... "No one upvotes me"?

No Shit Sherlock... because most dolphins, orcas, and whales want to curate Steemians who bust out decent content and who are "invested" in the platform to help make it grow.

Why would any of us upvote your post (regardless if it's great content or not) while we all know that you just want to sell it... bringing no value to the blockchain.

This makes no sense to me... you're just draining the ecosystem.

Don't get me wrong, it's ok to sell some Steem for profit at times. There is nothing wrong with that but if you want to be "part" of the ecosystem, you need to have some "skin" in the game.

I can already hear people's thoughts right now saying...

"I rather earn it, then buy it".... UMMM OK, you do that, that's probably the main reason you're not doing so well on here after a whole year.

Here is another one, "I don't have the money".... I have the perfect answer for you, why the hell are you spending 5-10 hours a day on Steem wasting your time then?

Get a simple quick "Side Hustle" for a week or two and go make some cash and then comeback. SHEEESHH! 🤣

If you want more influence on the Steem Blockchain, you need to have Steem Power.

So there you have it... If you been on Steem for more than a year and haven't hit Dolphin Status yet!... you must suck.

Don't want to suck? Take some action and do something about it. It's that simple.

I hope many of you guys didn't get "Butt Hurt" and all "Emotional" reading all this. If you did, you probably know it's the truth thats why. 🤷‍♂️

What is the saying... Everyone wants to know the truth, but they don't really want to hear it" 😉

(Small Rant Done)..... Don't get butt hurt! 🤣

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Makes no sense to me either
I already hit my goal of 25,000 sp after increasing that goal from the original 10,000...
And now that the price is so low I kinda want more lol

I never noticed! I’m going to have to follow you now... mighty dolphin! 🤣

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Be careful lol I sometimes eat very not healthy food

But working on losing some fat, gotta empty the glycogen and keep insulin under control

On a platform that doesnt pay, people will shell out money (and time) for advertising and networking. On steem, that money can be used to increase your stake while at the same time attracting bigger accounts.

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Well said 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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The mansion (steem inc) have no logic while the view (steem blockchain) looks beautiful LOL

Oh boy...This should ruffle some feathers.

For me, I learned SUPER early that no one was going to boost my account with upvotes unless I hustled myself and put some skin in the game. Without that, no one will even know your account exists...And it's still a battle to get noticed here.

But the opportunity is there! Especially at these prices.

Jon is the reason I am here. He's also where I first heard of Steem.

My main goal is to make people mad, maybe they can use this anger to “change” their thinking but it’s highly unlikely they will. 🤣

People need to follow you, you bring tons of value to Steem! 😎

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There is no reason to change the thinking of the smaller accounts. It is the larger accounts and the Investors that need to understand why they are on steemit. I will be approaching 2 years on steem on Aug 1st. I did buy some steem monster cards when they came with steem as a bonus, that is the only money I have invested in steem. It is likely to be the only money I do invest here. I am not an investor.

I am fine with not being at dolphin status, I will get there. Your post has done a lot to re-inforce in me why I do not want to invest money in steem. I am here as a content user, a sometime content producer, and mostly just an individual sharing a few things with some like minded people. It will not affect me in the least if steem drops to 5 cents, I don't really care about the price.

I have nothing to lose other than the 100 dollars I "Quote" invested in Steem monster cards. My account is worth a whole whopping $400.00, who really cares. Go buy your votes for your content self vote for your earnings, and by all means tell more and more people about how they are pieces of shit for not having money, that should go over big, tell a few more people to go get jobs too,

Me I am not butt hurt at all, I have not lost any money at all in steem. I am not the one crying about the lack of content, about the lack of quality, about the lack of a good price for steem, I am not the one blaming others for the failure of steem. There are aspects of steem I don't like there are attitudes on steem I don't like, the aspects of steem I don't like during hardfork times I put my two cents worth, (or Less), of opinion in. The attitudes of people, who cares. rats are going to be rats and the faster this ship sinks the faster the rats will bail.

Making 5k sp is not that hard when you have a job. I from start of my Journey on steem i been working only for 4 month and i am here 14 months. It's hard to invest money, when I just save on everything.

Just do your best, you'll get there :)


This post made me LOL and even almost ROFL. So much truth dropped in here.

No Shit Sherlock... because most dolphins, orcas, and whales want to curate Steemians who bust out decent content and who are "invested" in the platform to help make it grow.

This is what I have been telling to so many people that complain about not getting votes and have never invested into the platform as well. They are also usually the first to complain about the price too because they want to dump everything they can.

Truth Bomb right here :)

While I don't think the end-users are supposed to be the main investors, if we keep them here we could get some investment.

Many do hold even if they haven't bought.

However, I actually saw someone asking for people to pay their rent because prices are down. ;)

I don't pay people's rent.

I also don't upvote those who are clearly milking the system.

I don't mind commenters and content creators who are really trying getting some votes though.

It's a tough call.


I somewhat agree, I'm not saying they need to become huge investors but at least buy some Steem. I believe majority of steemians just want a "free ride". In my eyes, these people suck :)

dolphin? soft! lol

Ouch! Are you dolphin shamming me? HAHA :)

My Dolphinage cost a heck of a lot more.

Still good! 2020 will be our year 😀

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A month ago I had 200 Steem, and honestly I powered down about 2000 SP to get my Splinterlands cards maxed out.. However, since then I have been battling to earn DEC and selling my season rewards cards for STEEM to power up.. I have 3 kids and am very tight on finances.. But with my DEC and Cards I am up from 200SP to 700SP in like 1 month..

Now I have been here since July 2016 and I would agree I WISH I had at least 5000SP, but before Steemit I was doing surveys to earn like .00001 Satoshi so it was an upgrade for me.. I have never been financially blessed and I don't earn much at my job. So for me 1000SP is a personal goal of mine hopefully by the end of Summer but after that I will be aiming for 5k!

You got this man!! Make sure you do before 2020 because we are going to see a huge crypto boom next year 😎

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Obviously I meant 0.00001 BTC which is 1,000 Satoshi.. Either way I was not earning much before Steemit.



Nice, I got 2 drama tokens for this rant haha

Hahaha oh man... stackin’s in rare form today! Look out 👀

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My main goal was to “trigger” STEEMIANS today 😂

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I may feel triggered by your bombastic claim @stackin. But I think I will please you and gonna fulfill your 'main goal' through better words a little bit later once I've had got something to eat first. };)

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Heck! Minnows are even a better discount for $100! I remember that cost me about $1,600 to get there!

I know, right? When I first started... to become a dolphin was around 6k. Most were complaining that it was to expensive.... now most people are saying, what if it goes lower? HAHA

I'm here for over 2 years now and still not a dolphin. But I'm proud of it!!!

I'm not looking for your upvote nor do I spend 10 hours of my time here!
Thank you and enjoy my upvote 😉

I’ll take that vote 😉😬

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Ty! My pleasure :)

I am a dolphin … but I still suck... just my luck !!!!

Na! You’re in the 1% crowd! Only 2400 people have 5000 steem so that put you at the top! 😎

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That is a clear resteem :-)

Many people hated this post 😂

Haha. Your post motivated me to work on my ORCA status.

You're right on the money brother. You gotta support what you believe in and help it grow if you're fully behind it. Don't cry about your situation make it better.

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Mad respect... apppresh man :)

There was a time where I used to be a dolphin, however I took my profits and bought a car. I'm not sure to buy or not Steem again. @stackin

You and Randy get a huge pass... I wouldn't even started steem without randy lol... You guys were like me, we took tons of profits at the highs back in early 2018. :)

I've just been building my stack back up since then haha

That's awesome, hopefully Steem goes back to $1 - 2 soon. Hey, we could possible be going to Vegas in Oct, I'll let you know if we are around. @stackin

Well I have been here more than a year and not being great at putting thoughts into words it is slow. I did give myself a birthday gift and bought and powered up 400SP, but as I am busy job hunting I will have to wait to invest more into STEEM.

@jongolson and @steemsavvy have been great at encouraging and engaging me in my journey here.

You did not make me mad, but I do prefer to read more positive uplifting posts.

I am 6x further ahead of where I expected so far, only time will tell.

I was almost offended at this post insinuating that I suck because I thought you needed a lot more than 5000 STEEM to be a Steem Dolphin. Looks like I made the cut 🦈

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I needed to "Trigger" some people on steem... get them kinda mad and make them buy more steem haha

Yes, you are absolutely true people are like they won't spend a single penny. I just invested my time and yet I am not professional. Investment is always risky without knowing. What and where you are investing without knowledge. Do you can say more than 5% people can understand precisely the block chain concept over the globe , even still big giants and govts have different opinion as regulatory issues. So peopl just seeing as side oppurtunity to work. in a year I earned only 50 steem. The people like me exists

You got this... 2020 will be our year :)

my dude says I suck real good

Hope I didn't hurt too many steemians feelings with this post but was much needed haha

That's looks quite lucrative....believe me... It is the hope that keep me going and now after more than 1 years I am closing onto be a looking forward to achieve it sooner....only 200 SP away from a mega achievement (personal)

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That's good man... 200 steem is like $40 away :)

Sort of...hoping to get them sooner

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Hi @stackin, I do agree with you people should invest in Steem!! I however never invested FIAT into Steem, but a lot of time, and yes, I have also reached dolphin status. I have powered down some Steem and invested the money into other altcoins and now have R64000 in altcoins at todays prices. ($1 = R14 ,I only invested R1000 FIAT into this account, the rest is from Steem and a bit of trading) The trading went quite well as I powered down around 4000 steem. I agree that people should not power down everything they earn, otherwise they will never grow!!
Thanks for a very nice post.

crazy deal going on for steem specially this is the chance :D

Keep on stackin so I can sell my bags on you jk haha

$1000 is more than 50,000 PHP.
More than 65k INR.
I don't know about your country but in our country in can feed our family in a whole year or two.
Anyway, I am giving you an upvote from someone who is far from becoming a dolphine coz I like the way you post, so damn freakin' frank.

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Just think about it. When the next bull run happens next year... Steem can be anywhere from back to $1-$4 in 2020... you will 5x-20x that :)

I hope many of you guys didn't get "Butt Hurt" and all "Emotional" reading all this. If you did, you probably know it's the truth thats why.

Naw, the shaming attempt was worthy of an upvote.

Guessing many here (myself included) might not worry so much about being a dolphin. For those that are, it might get significantly cheaper to buy ones way into that after the upcoming HF and Binance (probably) blocks Steem from being traded for US traders.

Well, here's hoping Steem is still on the list when the US version of Binance comes about.

Worst case scenario, we use Blocktrades, etc.

Binance blocking Steem? It's the US regulators that are the problem!

If Steem goes down to .10, people will still not become a dolphin 😂

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All my SP is earn from pure content creation. 12k+ All Time earnings though I've spent like 3k in the course of the year. It's really all about strategy and putting in the work if you can't afford to buy it. I also know people with over 20k SP all from creating content.

Same here, I did both... Earned and Bought. People need to do both in my eyes :)

Steem will remain a simple niche in the crypto sphere with minded people like you. ;)

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Simple is always good in my book... because most people are "simple" lol

They want me and you to buy more steem to upvote them with higher reward, he he.

It's like walking down the las vegas strip and homeless people begging for spare change lol

Good points. Even thou its much better to trade crypto until STEEM hits rock bottom and then buy 👀😎

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That makes lots of sense to me also :)

So true @stackin !! Nows the time to buy if you can afford to do so!! I used to be a Dolphin back in the day about 1 and 1/2 years ago with around 11,000 steem powered up untill I got laid off for over 7 months and had to power down most of it. I have slowly built it back up to around 900 steem but still need to power down just for doing stuff on steemit as I am now into early retirement and trying to build on our small country property with no money lol!! So for me its always been a struggle when the price drops to be able to take advantage of it. Best of luck to everyone and Buy Buy Buy!!! 😎🚀🐬🐬🐬🐬 #palnet #steemleo
Upped and resteemed
Love From high in the mountains of British Columbia Canada where my house is half built,lol!!

Keep building it back up 🤑... no one knows how low the crypto markets will go but in 2020 it’s going to explode way up 😬

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Thanks for your kind reply back, I will be looking forward to that day!!👍😎🚀🐬

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These are fine thoughts that should be taken to the bank by those who are wise enough.

hehe... 1,000$ and you're a dolphin, and I was working for 1,5 years for it without any investments, but... the harder you work, the happier you're getting the results!:)
anyways, for now I don't have extra 1,000$ to become "double-dolphin":(

Hello @stackin
Nice to meet you, I'm here for the publication of @elsiekjay
I have to give you a comment for the dcontest contest and it turns out that I have to read to you to be able to respond to it.
Although you sound a little hard. I think that from your point of view what you say is valid.
I turn on all the STEEM I get.
I live in a country where the minimum wage is approximately $ 4.
So I do not intend to work on anything.
Internet does not help and the light does not either, I do not have a telephone and, nevertheless, little by little I have been gathering my 190 STEEM.
I'm happy with that, it's more than the 16 I had when I started.
I am also happy that many people have helped me along the way.
I had an emergency these days and had to sell the 10 SBD I had collected throughout the year and I was able to buy an urgent medication.
I think it helped me when I needed it.
What do I do here?
I love!
When I have some internet, I read and comment content and vote, I give reSTEEM.
For that I want SP, so that my vote is worth a little more.
I have had two delegations that have helped me grow a little and my support for seven77 also paid off.
Well, I do not want to get drunk with my story, but this platform has kept me a bit away from depression and I do not have money for therapies, so I should be here where, in addition to downloading, I can get some Crypto and Savings as an investment.
Happy life!

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I really love this post, it touches my ego and it adds to my comfort in staying here and keep on moving, steeming.

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I’m almost there.... 4,600 Steem power after 2 years of posting every day. I have sold a lot of Steem at $8 to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin though... oh well. I suck.

There is a consideration not considered.... what is crypto anything if not fully usable in any path? The beauty of Steemit is to be able to work for it, not just buy it. Been a Dolphin twice, will be one again helping, but as life dictates or presents opportunities. If you don’t use Steem what worth is it?