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A Creative Coin Curation Report | Because we have more creative people on Steem than you are able to discover!

in #creativecoin5 months ago


Curating for Creative Coin might just be one of my favourite tasks on Steem as we have a lot of awesome creative people around, sharing their best work on Since becoming a Creative Coin Curator I have tried my best to give away most of my upvotes on #creativecoin content - which is by the way followed by the highly staked @midlet-creates (@midlet) account - thank you for doing so!

(The weird and funny thing about this is I do also upvote his posts from time to time, as he creates stuff like freaky alien candy for example, and often after I upvote him I realize that will also trigger his vote, basically me deciding how much he upvotes his own posts with CCC :'))

Anyway, these posts are really meant to uplift some awesome creative people I encountered last week - some I know already and some are 100% new creators for me. I think since the launch of Creative Coin I've both gotten more followers than before and followed some more people myself!

Please check out the following posts and give some of these people a follow - it's for your own good, I promise they make lovely things :-)

@curly-xu blew me away with a commissioned piece of work on the wall of a make-up studio. It has everything I love: minimalism, bold abstract visual elements, and a lot of high-contrast black and white. Plus: check out the full post to see the amazing texture visible in the hair.


@ayushijain mentions how hard it is to find titles for a piece of art. I totally feel the same way! Even thinking of titles for a Steem post can be hard enough. Maybe you can help find a title for this lovely piece and help a fellow Steemian?

@crosheille is sewing a pressure lifting pillow for her friend that is recovering from breast cancer. If that is not an amazing use of creativity I don't know what else is! Read her post to see the ways she considered the needs and wants of her friend - I can only imagine how lucky she is to have you helping her in such a significant way!


@guchtere's sister got married and he shot a wedding video with his new gear! I love the detail and attention he put into it and the end result is a gorgeous memory for the wedded couple to keep and treasure.

Screen Shot 20190822 at 23.03.57.png

Out of the scope if this curation post but to cool not to mention: @torico decided to 'Curate the Curators' - which I now share in my Curation post, just so we can all be Extra Meta :D Take a look to check out all the #creativecoin Curators!

I hope you enjoyed some of these posts and if you did follow the authors for their art and value they provide to Steem and #creativecoin. I don't mind being pointed towards creatives you think are deserving of some extra eyes on their posts and if you think someone gets overlooked please let me know by sharing one high-quality post of this person in the comments.

Don't beg for upvotes though and preferably don't share a post of yourself. For me curation is about uplifting others and giving them what you would have loved to receive if you had made that exact same post.

Cheers and see y'all next week!


Great work, @soyrosa! Thanks for what you do for the community.

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Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement! <3

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i love that you find such unusual stories connected to people and the things they do out of love or inspiration. very well done!!

Thanks @torico! My background is in psychology and I love peoples stories - combined with art my heart just bursts :D

Thank you for the mention. I really appreciate it :)

You're welcome! :-)

such a wonderful curation @soyrosa, I love getting to meet new creators and get inspired by all the wonderful things that they do.

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nice post, really steemit it's a good place for put our artwork and make grow the artist community, keep working and have a good day :)

I appreciate your support if you add me to the list. check out my poems. thanks

Can I just point out that your self portrait is really good? Just saying

Woohoo!! CCC is a great tribe and they are lucky to have you curating posts. I love it!

:D I agree, the best Tribe on Steem! And thanks! :D