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Proof of Activity? Yes! With Actifit on the Steem Blockchain. Fitbit! Garmin!

in #dtube6 months ago (edited)

Yesterday I had the pleasure to interview @mcfarhat of @actifit on my first live radio show.

And I learned a lot about the app and the vision behind it!

To prepare for the interview I read the whitepaper and used a Fitbit in the gym yesterday and connected it to the actifit app and posted a report card on a separate account.


Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 07.22.04.png

What @actifit had done is figure out how to proof activity by a person.

By combining a fitness tracker with blockchain they can proof activity which opens up a whole market for insurance companies, sports brands, employers and many more to reward these users.

Insurance companies for instance like active people because in general, they are more healthy. Sports brands like them too because they use their equipment/brands. Employers want their employees to move because they will be less sick etc.

There are huge benefits here.

But saying to anyone that you walked 10.000 steps is easy. But actually having to do it and prove that you did it is not. That is now solved.

The proof is in the report card, that you are only allowed to post 1 time a day and pulls the raw data straight out of the fitness tracker. It can't be altered.

Is it possible to let someone else do the activity for you? They have a measure in place to prevent this.

Besides the reward card users of @actifit are rewarded with AFIT tokens for their activity. Currently, these tokens can be exchanged for an upvote from the @actifit account but in the future, these tokens will be used for a market place that is currently being built.

With these tokens, you can get free equipment or a discount on equipment and much more cool options. Advertisers also need to buy the AFIT tokens to promote their products on @actifit.

The first 10 minutes of the interview is missing but it's mostly me talking about Steem for a bit and telling the story of using my fitness tracker with activity in the gym.

The interview starts with @mcfarhat explaining why @actifit can be beneficiary for insurance companies.

The interview is 50 minutes long.

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Great interview! You are a natural at this @exyle. I am quite impressed with Actifit and wish them huge success!

Thank, you so much!

I have an alarm set so that I don't miss next week!

Great show and interview. I have been a very early delegator for ActiFit and benefitted from their early worm bonus. Ever since then, this project has grown steadily and @mcfarhat has shown a calm and professional hand to really bring this one forward. I am excited to be a whale of that platform. 🐳

I think you backed a cool project man! Hope it works out well for you.

Really enjoyed that, sorry I didn't make the live event.

For a while I've considered actifit as having the potential to on-board masses of people - the wearables market is huge.

Hopefully in the future they can depend less on curation rewards to fund the business and I can see advertising for other sports equipment as having a lot potential here - focused advertising right there.

In fact, Steemit Inc should be checking the JSON for actifit based comments(posts) and displaying sports related adverts on these posts!


No problem, man. I don't expect anyone to make it.

They have business models in the wings, looking forward to seeing those come to fruition.

happy anniversary exyle, thanks for the interview - excellent

I guess we listened at the same time lego man :D

lol yep. drinking my afternoon coffee, messing around on steem engine & listening in. love this place!

Had this on in the background whilst performing an array of steem-related tasks. Got to learn how to do a few things at once here these days so I have time to take a piss and eat! :D

Thanks man!

The @actfit style reward system is already being used by a number of medical insurance companies but the silly thing there is you're closed off to agreements they have with gyms and retailers. @actfit could take it to a completely new level and instead of each company having to build their own application and manage it they can simply extract it from the chain and allocate their rewards in tokens or additional rewards and allow users to redeem it at their participating retailers.

Creating such a large ecosystem that various levels of value chain can tap into would be amazing. I also see Lympho trying to do the same and they're already listed on the Samsung app store

I enjoyed the interview. I've been using Actifit for months and its been great. I do wonder how the token price will go, as it seems like the pegged value is quite high and that will inevitably lead to people cashing out. Seems like almost everything goes down in value when it hits an exchange. Will be interesting to see the measures they use to stop cheating. If I had a dog, I could put my Fitbit on its collar and hit 10k without much effort. Lucky I don't have one :)

If I had a dog, I could put my Fitbit on its collar and hit 10k without much effort.

Will you tape your phone to his chest too ;)

Oh man, I've been waiting for the Garmin support for so long. This would really boost Actifit to the next level! And then, when somehow they can mimic the whole Strava thing, it would be heaven :)

I didn't make it to the live event because of the time difference but it's great you add a video about it. In the past i use their application and delegate as well to the project and right now i have a bit over 76k Afit token. As a matter of fact every Monday @actifit shows in their post top 100 of Afit token holders, and it's nice to see myself there.. i am on the position 79 if i am not wrong :)
I know tokens can be exchanged for an upvote from the @actifit account, as this is already for a while and it's really interesting and exciting to hear about the market place (this is really new) but still nothing about adding Afit token on a exchange. On Discord a lot of Steemians asked @mcfarhat about this but still no clear answer about it. Do you know by any chance if there was something mention about this... i mean do @actifit team will add the token in the near future to any exchanges.. as i know one point the idea was for Afit token to be listed on the same exchange @steemhunt added the Hunt token!

For the actifit posts that my wife has been doing I have been pairing it with her Fitbit. It has worked out really well and I think it is much more accurate than the step count you get when you just use Actifit alone. I have noticed a pretty big discrepancy between her activity and mine for the same period.

Happy STEEMIT Birthday and Thank You for Humbling Me on the Steemmonsters Battlefield.......@exyle

You win some, you lose some, man! :)

PoA wow that's pretty cool idea! Hope this might get more trending soon! Thanks for sharing all these valuable information!


was a great first show man! congrats, great work!

Actfit making steemians healthy along with fun :)

This is mine until now. 💪😊 just working.

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What a nice day for Steem! First I listened to The SteemLeo Show Episode 1 and now I'm looking forward to listening to your interview as well.

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Thanks for this fascinating interview! One thing I didn't understand was if they are planning to create SCOT tribe...

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How's it feels and have an idea in your mind that you are walking to earn aome stuff, @actifit really introduce it in an amaizing way

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