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Hello all,

As you might know, Block One of EOS had their big announcement today. They spoke about various things, improvements in EOS, making things faster, using Yubi-keys, integration with Coinbase, all cool stuff, I'm still very excited about EOS and will probably buy more soon.

But then they also announced the new social media called Voice.

Huge disappointment

This basically says it all. I could end the post right here.



But I won't, I had a brief interaction with none other then the Big Dan himself on the telegram. And straight from the horses mouth he told me point-blank that I would have to doxx myself to get on the Voice platform.

I was indignant and pointed out to him that I had a powerful voice on Steemit, and that no one thinks I'm a bot there, and I never had to doxx myself.

And if you visit the site: https://voice.com/
you can confirm the same:

Are you a human?
If so, you’re ready to make a profile! We use a special authentication system to make sure every user on Voice is an actual person. No robo-mobs. No catfish. No burner accounts.


Geographic Restrictions on Voice token eligibility and participation may apply.

Lovely, geographic restrictions. Is there some reason we are kissing the governments ass? What was the point of crypto-currency again? Someone remind me.

And sure, I could sign up to Voice with my normal "John Smith" identity and talk about...I don't even know, what I ate for breakfast? How boring. I don't want to doxx myself.

Voice seems to be similar to Steem, except there is no staking or power, you just get tokens from others voting on you and can spend tokens to push your comments up. So there is no particular reason for me to stock up on Voice tokens anyways.

Loan platform?

Would I be able to use Voice as a loan platform? Very unlikely it seems. It would not be allowed for people to turn over their accounts to me as collateral.

In Steem I can be Superman

(pic from https://superman.fandom.com)

In Voice, I'm forced to be Clark Kent

(pic from https://therationalmale.com)

The choice is obvious.

Long Live Steem!

And we were so worried about the "EOS Steem Killer". This is actually good news for Steem, time to buy more Steem, really.

I understand Steem has problems

Look I get it, the bots and Trolls in Steem are annoying, Steem has problems that need solving, but is it necessary that we take a 180 and go to such extremes, like requiring everyone to doxx themself? Dan went in the wrong direction here. You are never going to have a perfect system, there is always going to be some problem, you just need a good system.

Steem is a good system and things are improving lately (Mira, wallet split, Steem Keychain...with more to come)


absolutely great post!
you got it bang on...
its a bit like microsoft / linux
for EOS it makes a lot sense to implement KYC and to become a real commercial power blockchain.. that's their way and it will be a successful one...
but as you have clearly shown KYC will repel many users and USE CASES..
so if EOS voice becomes successful it will drag steem in its slipstream up...
.. and yes we have to find a way to facilitate commercial transactions on steem and it will be somehow more difficult because of missing KYC.. but we also have a strong open source community that creates amazing technology..
.. and in regards to BOTs... yes this is the evil of steem.. but if everyone here would be on the same page we could abolish them pretty quick.. with or without KYC...

Fully agree with your comment. But it´s not central KYC and public storing of fingerprints. A fingerprint isn't even a fingerprint, it's an electric-resistance scan of deep layer structures. The scan gets hashed, and keys are generated. Its tightly bound to the cryptoprocessors, which most smart devices have. Like secure enclave processor from ARM. Like with a hardware wallet, the information does not come in touch with the SoC of the device or the internet.

The point is having a KYC without knowing the customer. It's only about to know one user behind multiple accounts to solve the abuse problem we see with Steem (I know for many big accounts its no problem but a business lel). We should empower or system by educating the users and adapting new technologies and not by repeating false claims. The wallet technology is even open source. Its a present not a threat. And other chains are possibilities and no competition. Norrowmindednes will harm us long term.

Its not KYC its a simple signup for, and the face scanning biometric is not KYC... they can call it that to make regulators happy, and maybe you all should realize that? EOS face scanning is about allowing 1 person 1 account in their social media space so peopel cant just make it vcery un fun like on steem....

dod you all forget @dan created STeem/Steemit ?

Also i would bet the author has more eos than steem, and maybe remind people that voice is not eos

so many steem fanboys in the comments, irrationaly making snipes at EOS when the post was about VOICE, the dapp, not the whole eos blockchain wehich is superior than steem in blockchain metrics and marketcap/price so lay off the FUD ok? @asphamilton ?

Fair comment but Steem Fanboys might be similar to EOS Fanboys lol - I admit I am not a fan of Dan and his way moving around but I appreciate he is a genius tech wise. The Steem fanboys might simply be a bit irrational as of Dan claiming to invent the much better Steem 2.0 which Voice will never be. He did a great job raising money but I still have doubt on the capabilities of the EOS blockchain and do believe it is overhyped - it is a money thing we all know @ackza - if this "social media" brings blockchain to the masses I am more than happy to appreciate that.

Could you drop a link that describes the face scanning biometric in more detail? Perhaps that will help us understand, thanks.


I guess this is what being dead feels like.

Yeah man, sad how these steemians are in denial about EOS... EOS being added to Steem-engine by you is the only thing making steem worth NOT powering down

No matter what, EOS has performed in price while steem has LOST EVERYONE MONEY. Steem was fucking over $3 back in 2016 and now its 30 cents, what a terrible investment. At least EOS is now around $8 when the highest it was during ICO was $5

EOS price is based on massive marketing budget in an immature early stage for crypto when hype often trumps substance.

It is wrong thinking to equate market cap with success in Crypto, especially at this stage.
A Cryptocurrency is not a share. It is a medium of exchange and store of value.
These ultimately depend on real world use, not hype.

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EOS is a centralized blockchain with a small number of very expensive to run block producers that are vulnerable to government, legal, corporate etc pressure.
It’s overhyped and the only real DApp activity on it is gambling.

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In reality EOS is more centralized than Steem, and you obviously have no idea how DPOS works if your here on STEEM calling EOS centralized. Pathetic.

Um ok no, Steem is a centralized blockchain with 21 witnesses all chosen by @ned who has around 1/3rd of all the steempower so he decides, while block.one has only 10% of the eos ... sorry but Steem is centralized in stake... and ned has had plenty of time to sell his stake and take care of that, he should have sold his stake to someone who could actually use it

The only real Dapp on Steem is gambling and your MagicDice just pulled an exit scam buddy

Oh and you wanna talk about someone caving to government pressure? Ask @ned why he CENSORED @thedarkoverlord for posting potential 9/11 documents he probably didnt even have? LOL

Non gambling Steem DApps are top on State of the DApps. Steemit, Steem Monsters, Partiko, Actifit, Next Colony, Steem Peak, Steem Engine etc etc are NOT gambling.

All top EOS DApps are, just like magic dice!

Steem witnesses are NOT all chosen by @ned! A number of top witnesses have continued without the @freedom vote.

With MIRA anyone can meet the hardware requirements to be a Steem witness, just like a Bitcoin node. That is crucial to true decentralization.

The expensive hardware requirements for being an EOS block producer means that they have to be identifiable financially large entities.
They thus become vulnerable to government and legal pressure.
Exactly like Steemit was re @thedarkoverlord.
However that material is still on the Steem blockchain and viewable with other Steem DApps.
With EOS this material would be censored at the blockchain level.

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All top EOS DApps are, just like magic dice!

NO thats NOT true ! Youre a DIRTY LIAR!!!

HERE you can see only TWO OF THE TOP

AND Steem has PLENTY of gambling dapps and scams, without any sort of governance to help victims, which steem just SCREWS over and NO ONE at steemit inc helps out, only other users help out with theior upvotes, unacceptable when steemians get scammed by phising attempts made possible by steemit incs wild west styule of never banning scammers off the front end when they CAN ban @thedarkoverlord

Steem witnesses are NOT all chosen by @ned! A number of top witnesses have continued without the @freedom vote.

no sorry Ned has final say if he wants, freedom isnt @ned 's only account, if it is him.. some said it was @dan but no one really knows unless ned admits it but the fact is, @steem and @steemit can vote at ANY TIME you are DELUSIONAL Ned owns like 30% of all steem block.one has only 10% of ;ll eos

you are a fanboy making up lies about EOS which came directly out of steem, and which was on sale cheap when SBD was over $10 so you had no excuse NOT to pickup fre EOS .....

Nut now youre just loosing financially while EOS makes its investors money, so youre just mad that EOS isa financial success while steem runs on threats and peer pressure

Steem witnesses are NOT all chosen by @ned! A number of top witnesses have continued without the @freedom vote.

No thats not true, EOS works the same as steem what the fuck are you even talking about, you are WORE than Ethereum people

Good to know! Because my laziness, I never deeply look at it! 😜

Cheers 🥂

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Really valuable post bro, yeah if they ban our Voice and perform a platform to share our Voice, WTF they are trying to do! I have a lot of complains against STEEM, but that doesn't mean I wanna leave this and join that! Coz after all this is it, the Social Media top of a real Blockchain!


Having researched KYC for Steem onboarding (@steempassport), I know that the only other option for KYC than disclosure of 'ID' documents is biometrics. Since biometrics are fundamentally flawed (you can't reset biometrics like a password, for example), it is extremely likely that EOS/Voice KYC is going to be more like the standard form used by exchanges. Given that EOS is already centralised and designed to be run from institutions such as governments and universities, it does literally appear to be the 'anti Steem' in the sense of deleting most of Steem's strong points (while maybe fixing the bot weakpoint). I personally feel that the future of this kind of platform is in distributed systems that run entirely on people's own devices (so everyone is a witness) and where anonymity is maintained. I think that fixing the bot problem without KYC is simpler than fixing the KYC problem of anonymity and security. I'm interested to see where Voice goes - with such a big budget it is hard to imagine it totally failing.. Who knows, maybe it will just be direct competition for Steem and Steem will win.

Voice is a steeming pile of shit! I wouldn't touch that centralized ponzi scheme with a 10 ft pole and ackza tied to the end of it!

This! You are taking the words out of my mouth. When I saw the announcement I thought "what a joke". And what if their KYC fails and they still have bots? Do they ban them? Doesn't seem very decentralized to me...

ok you obviously havent been following EOS news at all... block.one is developing a biometric face scan system, its what they launched their eos authenticator app for... somethiung @ned and steem couldnt ever dream of....

the whole point of this "KYC" is to revolutionize blockchain and not have to write down keys anymore which no one will ever do in real life. You are stuck in steem fantasy land, where by the way I have 8 more rep points than you. I think I know a little more about steem than most people here. And ned has no plan to even onboard users. We barely have 200 people a day being on-boarded, its a joke. And @ned REFUSES to block KNOWN Scammers and thieves from his front end yet he blocks @thedarkoverlord ? I personally think ned should be sued and put in Jail for running a scam for this long, but that will be up to all the Steemians who lost much larger amounts and who still have money left over to buy a lawyer to sue Ned...

Enjoy being poor when steem is under a penny like Golos. EVeryone is powering down and buying EOS because they have an actual game plan, while @ned is running steemit and steem into the poor house

Biometric data makes onboarding a harder hurdle with more cost but why would it stop spammers from just hiring a few hundred people? And if you ban them, how is it still a blockchain?

The thing about decentralization is that not one entity decides what goes. And unless EOS just innovated in this space with something no one can imagine right now (which is very unlikely) they will have the same problems. And EOS will be a centralized blockchain, where Dan can ban whoever he does not like.

I'm curious to see how they implemented their biometric voodoo stuff but I won't hold my breath that it is in any way revolutionary and I don't think that it will stop bots.


"...block.one is developing a biometric face scan system, its what they launched their eos authenticator app for... somethiung @ned and steem couldnt ever dream of...."

Good. That makes Steem potentially usable by me. Biometric ID is just data, and no data can be completely secure. Once biometric data is hacked, the actual person has been hacked for life. No potential benefit can compensate for that existential risk.

If Steem ever adopts some kind of biometric ID, that will be the last time I ever use it.

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Yea sounds like not for you. But I am sure there are plenty who will enjoy it. I think it will be another interesting experiment. At least Steem got something out of it. "Don't want to be doxxed?, join Steem" lol

LOL, for real :)

or fake :)

As bad a KYC is, biometrics is far worse. We can't change our biometric data, but hackers can gain it. Once a hacker has it, the real person is screwed for life. I will never use a biometric id mechanism for that reason, and I don't care what benefits using one might provide. Banks started using fingerprints, and I quit using banks. I can do without any benefit any institution claims it can provide, and I will do without any benefit Voice claims it can provide.

I am only on platforms that I can be pseudonymous on. I don't use most of them anyway, because I have but little interest in most financial benefits. I have found that real benefits aren't derived from finance, but can be attained via direct social interactions.


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You can't stock up on tokens. U can't buy voice tokens. So if u can't buy them how can u sell them. This platform sounds like shit already lol

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Where did you got that information from? If that is true than why do they even have a Token?

From Dan the Man... In his presentation, he said Voice tokens cannot be bought, only earned. And used practically only inside Voice from what I understood.

Easy, it will develop a black market pretty fast so people with money could push their messages up. You know, like a bid-bot.

Nope, you can't buy upvotes. You all keep forgetting, this is NOT steem...

What do you mean you can't, was the official picture photoshopped that showed using Voice tokens to improve rankings then?

First of all, you have no idea how this system even works... you are assuming it will be just like steem with upvotes.....

EOS will have all sorts of social media dapps but this one is going to be unique, and they are not going to just have a reward pool up for grabs by whoever can "ninja mine" the most tokens.

It's stunning how many people here are so quick to dismiss an entirely new system, as if you have been abused for so long that you cant imagine a world where unfair influence is prevented from the beginning

lets also drop this fantasy that somehow steem is more decentralized than EOS, when Ned still owns around a 3rd of all the Steempower, but Block.one is only in control of around 10% of the total EOS...

ned can just decide who gets to be Witness, power is truly centralized in the hands of one man, so no matter how much work we do on this chain he can throw it all away on a whim, like his flagging of dan's EOS related post forcing Dan to have to post outside of steem after he saw the current whales refused to defend what was right, a sad result of @ned and his error not DPOS....

Voice is going to be trying all sorts of new things, and Steem should also be investing in the infrastructure @aggroed is building and maybe @ned could pay @yabapmatt to create a Mobile app version of steem keychain so we could have all the steem dapps working on mobile seamlessly together.

Steem's infrastructure needs 3 things. New account faucet, Marketing of the steem Dapps, and marketing of the Token for Investors to BUY and stake with a special website that automates the process of Buying steem, powering it up and delegating to a bid bot with calculators and daily or weekly reports showing the profits in USD and BTC from bid bot delegation.... something steem does great but which has no FRONT end Interface to make it all seem easier........

New Account creation faucet that can do 1 million new accounts a months utilizing the free accounts available to @steem @steemit and all the rest of neds 80-100 million + Steempower accounts using https://steeminvite.com by @pharesim which @ned again needs to pay just like he needs to pay @yabapmatt to build Keychain Mobile and @jesta to rebuild vessel and make vessel Mobile and @ned must be investing in STEEM-engine.com and helping Scot Bot

SMT's for Ned will have to be BIGGER than Weedcash and Actifit and all the steem engine projects which are community small time projects..... while SMTs must have big time partnerships, and if ned has to spend some of his own money to secure some of these partnerships from large companies who might want an SMT for a loyalty token then so be it.... but Ned just has to make a difference between Steem engine tokens, SUPPORT it to show he has nothing to worry about and doesnt fear their competition, while he rolls out some unexpected big name brand partnerships with SMts.....

I also think its very important for @blocktrades to at least try to push through the seemingly failed Worker proposal system, because even bitshares got a worker proposal system with projects from some of the same people here on steem like @officialfuzzy and there is no excuse why @ned doesn't push this project through BEFORE the hardfork. @ned can easily fund a few projects that build in a referral system, that only pays people when they bring investors, so its sustainable, and that should impress investors who can do the math and see how many crypto users steem can bring in using its existing users as an army of workers, posting about steem on Reddit Instagram 4chan Discord, and this strategy of using https://steeminvite.com could be massive if @ned pays @pharesim to create a steeminvite REFERRAL system or Gmail style INVITE tool that expands on the EXISTING tool @pharesim has built, which is beautiful and gives us a tool that would have required so much work. But with some extra time and money pharesim can expand on his https://steeminvite.com and even allow whales to sign in and SELL new accounts they get for FREE. 2 million SP gets you approx 100 a day free instant accounts... scaled up with all the whales joining in making a passive income off their RC Account creation mana, we could finally solve the account creation demand problem......

Sorry for getting caught up in the response but I wanted to explain all the many solutions I believe steem could use which have to be enacted by @ned and which will 10x the value of ned's holdings and thus make it all worth his while to reinvest in the blockchain at this crucial point

I don't think Voice is going after the Steemit social media model but rather after Twitter (that's what I heard). And from reading here how the platform should function, it seems to me like it aims at adressing serious problems within the Twitter ecosystem such as scamming through impersonification of popular people (the classic send and receive more Ethereum scam), being banned as if you are a serial spammer or else with no recourse (it happened to me, I was banned without knowing why and with no possibility to defend myself against no specific wrong doing), and maybe also being an alternative to the censorship culture of Twitter. It could explain why Dan Larimer mentionned Donald Trump who uses Twitter for his POTUS communications.

Voice is not a competitor to Steem but to Facebook an other corporate social media. Starting everyone out on a level playing field is unfortunately not what Steem did and now new users find it very difficult to get noticed. Voice sounds like it will be good for those starting out on their crypto journey.Having to be doxxed seems to be a price worth paying if it would help give everyone a similar opportunity and combat bots.
Time will tell if this experiment takes off.

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I guess we'll see.

I seriously think they're going to go for fingerprints or facial recognition at this point. The terms they are using make me think this is going to be even worse than KYC. No thanks... Big Brother chain can fuck off...

My thoughts on the entire identity verification process being imposed upon those wishing to join the new EOSIO VOICE social media platform can be summed up here by our friend Dr. Lector...

Wonderful article @neoxian. I do admit that I have some EOS in my portfolio, but diversification is my strategy when it comes to investments. I am now, and will forever be, a STEEM stakeholder and STEEM community member.

Isn't he supposed to be like smart or something? People might blame anon users on the internet for everything...but bullies exist in real life too, and none of them are anonymous. Anyone remember when Google+ was thought to be the social media that would finally kill Facebook? And what killed it? Forcing people to choose real identities and banning users that didn't use real sounding names, the same shit Facebook has pissed off people with for a long ass time. People don't want to always connect their real life identity with everything they might say online. We have no control over who might see it. We can't censor ourselves around our grandmas or the FBI.

Thanks for the information. The choice is obvious.

Almost everyone I know uses their real info on facebook/instagram/twitter. Why would this be so terrible? If it's trying to compete with facebook I think it's a great project. I'm kind of excited to see if the accountability model takes off.

yeah we have enough anonymous shit posters, i am also excited to see ONE SINGLE platform where you have to prove your identity.... not everyone wants to live in the shadows afraid of the IRS... @dan has a solution to allow us to never have to pay any taxes again... this wont happen over night, its a long term goal for the Programmable US Dollar... 20 trillion dollar marketcap, 5% inflation a year to cover government budget, no new taxes needed..

theres along term strategic vision here, something @ned and steemit inc lacks, but which ned could BUy for himself at ANY moment if he just spent some of his crypto on a legit consultant for himself.

Exactly! This is just one platform that we are talking about. Twitter already does a similar thing with celebrities. People are so stressed about their biometric stuff, but I think that a) they make a great point about people not remembering private keys and b) one account per person could be atleast worth a try.

Corrals collect herds, and that's a fact. When the truck to the slaughterhouse backs up to the gate to be loaded, only those sheep not in the corral will survive.

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I'm with you @neoxian 100%

I was looking forward to the 2.0 alternative, but am disappointed too.

On STEEM I value my real world anonymity due to the creative freedom and unrestricted speech this platform grants me. I'm not giving that up by doxxing myself so that my government (or other bad actors) can clamp down on me.

You live in a world of fear where you have to stay 100% anonymous or the evil government will "clamp" down on you? wow.... if this is the type of person on steem, no wonder its dropping in price... who wants to invest in these sorts of people?

Also just because you havent submitted KYC for your steem account doesnt make it completely anonymous.... theres a lot of simple ways to find out who someone is from their steem account... id be willing to bet a good majority of people who signed up used their regular gmail email account which is most definitly tied to their identoity wether they know it or not.....

We live in 2019, we are already beyond the Global Information grid and NSA PRISM program... its so cute when people on the internet think they are "anonymous" ......

Wow. Such an obnoxious response to a legitimate concern. We don't have the First Amendment in this country and I'd wager you know nothing about where I live, nor what my government is like. Over here we recently had jail sentences threatened to anyone holding specific objectionable material or a particular manifesto. We're not even allowed to really talk about a particular recent event without potential repercussions.

There is a difference between being anonymous and being able to be held legally accountable.

ver here we recently had jail sentences threatened to anyone holding specific objectionable material or a particular manifesto.

dude, if youre living in a tyranny dont blame STEEM for that... jesus christ... your own terrible government that you live under is not the fault of steem and they are not responsible for your anonymity

voice/block.one doenst owe you anything man

Where am I blaming STEEM? Or claiming voice/block.one owes me anything?

You need to calm the fuck down.

"You live in a world of fear where you have to stay 100% anonymous or the evil government will "clamp" down on you?"

Apparently you haven't been tortured. I have.

Ignorance is NOT security.

Um ok, sorry that you happen to live in a state where cannabis is illegal, i am guessing yoy got arrested for drugs like most people? SHoulda been in california or oregon maybe lol

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They have all necessary tools to kill STEEM. But decided not to.

Haha that's some good point you have metion in post and you have a good argument point have done with the admin. Need more rule might some times ruin the things.👍☺️

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I was start what steemit 3 years back, so I want see where steem go ... I'm here 100% in. I not want Voice . I see they use EOS big money to be up this all.

"I see they use EOS big money" um yes thats the money they raised in their ICO from many people all around the world, steemians included, who bought some EOS.... are you going to complain about how they raised TOO MUCH money?

Facebook 2.0, no thanks.

who said anything about facebook 2.0
hey arent you a GOLOS witness? How did that investment work out for you? Fyrtsikken promised me i would get rich off it, ive lost a few hundred bucks since investing in that terrible project.... and ive lost many thousands of dollars that i invested of my own money into steem as wel..... but ive actually made thousands from EOS..... Hmmmmmm

No I'm not on GOLOS. Facebook is worth billions, yet it's doing the shadiest and most corrupt practices. Shareholders are happy, users aren't.

'What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?'

Good luck with your financial endeavors. I hope it doesn't cost you anything of real value, like your humanity.

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I honestly don't mind at all with VOICE I think it sounds good and looks great. What got me turned off it was the fact that it is not up and running in this day they announced. If they haven't hyped so much I would be fine with it

on Steemit, and that no one thinks I'm a bot there
in chat I said the same thing. They told me that I'm free not to join. I told them Good luck with mass adoption

On Steem you cant even fucking signup or get an account without buying one... good luck with that

All I hear is whiney little babies mad that they have lost so much money from holding a shitcoin like steem which had so much potential but is now a shitcoin owned by Ned who will probably just DUMP on everyone from @steem and @steemit the moment bitcoin pumps .... im serious man, how much could we have all made holding BTC instead of wasting our time holding Steem?

well, I'm not hodling anything

I'm not a fan of revealing my identity either.

Well the future isnt about anonymity, this isnt an anonymous social media account.... you can stay on steem and loose money if you want that, they are trying something new......

on point as usual sir :)

@neoxian, Definitely Steem is a Good System and changes comes after experiences and journey. And one thing i really want to say that, in reality we have strong VOICE on Steem in comparison with any platform out there.

And if everything was perfect then there is no excitement, Steem travelled a quite a journey and if Steemians gather somewhere they have a deep topic to discuss because every Steemian travelled a unique journey on this platform.

Have a great time ahead.

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I also get disappointed by this anonucement. I was wondering he will anounce the platform where we could ble to earn EOS like Steem on Steemit. Well, lets see what he will bring more..

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The glass slipper doesn't fit every feet ;p
Good to know Superman will be zooming around the SteemVerse :)

Long live Superman. Ha! I like that. 🙌😎

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And now #SPUD too!!

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Yeah I was really thinking it was going to be great but sounds like a dud.

You put it so clearly. Long Live Steem

Nice comparison. Lots of great points!

They are definitely running a different direction.

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Thanks for your informative post. Who would like doxxing - we seek decentralization not documentation - that is why we are all into cryptos.
Time will tell how the masses will respond. Many will jump to the next new things until the know the facts.

social media isnt all about crypto. This is about actually going up against Facebook and twitter, I know I know, its hard for you, a steemian, to wrap your head around that idea that a blockchain social media platform could actually go up against a large billion person network, and not just stall at 1 million and refuse to grow after that.... You and every other steemian has been scammed by ned into thinking that there are valid reasons for why steem is as cheap as it is, at below #60 when it was #3 in 2016 hah what a massive failure...

steem has no excuses, it could have been marketing itself harder than every other blockchain out there but even scams like Bitconnect bought ads on coinmarketcap, even trevoin james had freakin ads on coinmarketcap, yet ned could never buy STEEM a simple ad, not to onboard people but to Advertise the steem token to people who might want to BUY it, but no ned is clueless and doesn't WANT to succeed

ned doesnt CARE about steemit inc because he has BITCOIN, thats the cold hard truth

steem and steemit inc is just a side project for him..... hed rather sit theer and play guitar and act like hes just another investor and because of this steem will NEVER EVER reach the mass adoption EOS is attempting to reach....

While Steem may fail, it will not compromise my personal identity if it does. Voice will risk your human identity because it's using biometric identification, which can be hacked like any data. It's untested, and you're risking your humanity by being an early adopter of a system which will necessarily have to surmount unforeseen challenges going forward.

That's an unacceptable risk for me.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

A measure of anonymity can be essential for discussing things of importance. Things that are socially or politically taboo. Things that may be illegal, even if not immoral. I have a "real" Facebook account and a pseudonymous facebook account. Guess which one is more honest.

Reading this, I don't think I'm interested to even make an account.. Thanks for sharing!

Steem is love other crypto are temporary

You pointes out all the right things in the Telegram group - and helped people realize the freedom we have on Steem in the process ;-) Nice move!

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Well said!!!!

good to know that the steem-killer App might not be deadly at all (or at the moment?) for Steem


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LOL at least the tokens I have on EOS, like CryptoPeso and PEOS Privacy EOS token, have actual use cases and are going to be worth a lot more than the types of projects we see on Steem-engine like this beer tokens :D


Actually sorry, I thought I was commenting on someone else's post!

I would have preferred pseudonymous identity. Kyc is a big hurdle for sure. But aside from that the rewards system dan described sounded very much worth trying.

I am gathering information about Voice, and your input is valuable. I will still check it out, though

The thing that I found interesting was that you could burn tokens to promote your content... such that you didn't need a million followers to be heard! Hmmm... this sounds familiar?!?!?! Got the money, you will be noticed!

You said it all @neoxin

Meh. I bet there'll be black market accounts soon enough. If there's demand, people will sell it.

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Its not steem, why do you think this is going to work teh same as steem? Steem is a cess pool of scammers and spammers who come here knowing they can never be banned, yet @ned bans people from the front end like @thedarkoverlord while allowing known scammers like (Insert MASSIVE List of PROVEN scammers here) to stay on the platform, making as many posts as they want which will show up on the front end.... leaving steemcleaners and others to have to deal with them, but ned COULD take the scammers off the front end BUt he reserves that privilege for political dissidents liek @thedarkoverlord whose account and posts you must view with the esteem app or partiko LOL how pathetic.....

whats the POINT of steemit if ned is gonna censor people who claim to have secret government documents, but refuse to take out known scammers?

ALSO you all forget the big elephant in the room, @ned 's lack of marketing and his lack of onboarding, steme is DYING theer are NO NEW USERS and its because ned REFUSES to onbaord new people!

look at these pathetic numbers,

And no matter if they PUMP these up the next week, and have a ONE day or ONE week of a few thousand accounts added all at once, its never enough at this rate to add more than maybe half a million people per YEAR, that is NOT enough!

So how is steem ever going to compete with Voice if people cant even get on steem?

AND NO ONE is going to BUY a fucking steem account please stop with that nonesense

Good luck on voices.

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I already have bought and gifted an account for someone. People buy accounts all the time.

You're frothing at the mouth. You could hardly be a worse advocate for Voice as a result.

Um I dont need to advocate for Voice, its not my project.

And no you did not buy a Voice account, again, please stop confusing people, voice and eos are not the same thing

if youre talking about EOS accounts maybe make that clear

and how do you know i am "frothing at the mouth" when you cant even see my face? This is a text conversation , do you get that? I think you feel abused from having all your comments flagged lol

I am not posting anti steem rants, im actually providing a reality check, because i actually care enough about steem to give it some tough love and make steemians realize that thinsg cant just go along business as usual withouyt suffering massive price collapse with all the peopelpowering down now and no reason to power up mroe steem...... no matter how "disapointed" peopel are in vocie, EOS is still a bette rproject thans teem, steemit inc is still not anywhere near the project Voice is even in ist current form, lol at leats Voice has a plan steemt inc doesnt....

steem is still great blockchain thanks to steem-engine but steemit inc has too much power over it and basicaly can choose the witnesses at wioll with their majority stake of steempower

Either peopel say nothing and NOTHING gets done

or people liek me risk getting attacked and being un popular to force the commnity to look at itself in teh mirror

i force steemians to question therir chain in the hopes that they pressure peopel above them to pressure whales to pressure @ned threateninga power down en mass if he doenst provide some changes and gives results

Ned must eitehr work or power down, we need new owners and i feel ned would rather step down than work, he doenst seem to be up for it

Aggroed seems to be capableof adding the sort of value to steem that we need, so where is ned with the public support of aggroed? WHy isnt ned creatying steem engien confrences?

Oh thats right bnecause ned has some bad experiences working with aggroed at steemit inc or something .... ned is just too human, he needs to be more liek a zuccerborg.......

The last thing I want heading Steemit is Zuckerborg. Sadly, that may be exactly the last thing.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

So far, as I can see, Voice looks like another centralized social network. Unlike Steem...

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So right about everything, all the more reasons to powerup Steem.

I'm usually open-minded and grab opportunity type of person (even with the issues that come with it) but, not this one. I'm too busy here in steem(it) to even have the time to participate in Voice. Not for me... ;)

Yeah you are too busy losing money holding Steempower :D Welcome to golos 2 in a few months..... a major whale in here admitted 500 SP could make you a whale soon :D then he threatened to flag me and called me a "spammer" after i reposted his own words from discord onto the chain, so yeah no thank you censorship chain that runs on peer pressure and threats, because thats what steem is.....

You're too busy commenting in every comments in this post. Good luck, I hope it brings you satisfaction in doing this :D

yeah it did, it got me a lot of attentiona nd raised a lot fo discussiosn and i made alot fo steemians think about the possibility that steem is lost and needs more hel than tnhey want to admit, whle they didnt share anything new i didnt already know

I am like the stimulus and they are the conditioned response :)

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Until this day steem does now my passport Nationalility and so far nobody thinks i am a bot here.

Phone number plus Email should be enough.

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Oh great and mighty larimer is showing his true greed these days. He is actively courting the governments with each of his "new" ideas. Voice is going to be a shit platform as long as people are forced to doxx themselves. Maybe he is angling for the snap or insta crowds? In the end it won't matter as Steem will continue on and likely Voice will be just another blip on the radar of social media platforms. I for one still feel Steem is only fledgling and has tons of room to grow.

It's pretty obvious that EOS was going centralized from the start, despite that lower case "d" in front of the apps. And hey, for fans of centralization it certainly fixes some of the problems inherent in decentralization - trades them right in for the problems that centralization creates.

The only surprise to me is I thought Dan was supposed to be a proponent of the bright decentralized future than blockchain seems poised to enable. I guess in the end he really just wants power and control.

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Good to read that. I’ve tried to register over there too, and seems like they charge 9 dollars to make an account. I was speaking with my friends yesterday about this, and we all agreed steemit will prevail because of the free sign up option.

Steemit is true freedom !!!!!!!

I love steemian culture :)

Stop making up lies, Voice is NOT asking people to pay $9 to signup, thats a dirty lie. Voice is giving everyone a free EOS account for signing up.

It is STEEM that charges people to signup, and @ned who refuses to sponsor instant onboarding, and forces people to wait weeks sometimes MONTHS for a new account, and many never even get their account after waiting months..... abvout creating a new account on steem or eos, both steem and EOS accounts cost money to create on the blockchain but you can get a FREE EOS account if you look, also EOS Lynx is only $0.99 to create an account and you can pay with a debit card, much cheaper than Steem

Could you please stop being disrespectful? I’ve tried myself and saw that. In case there was another way, you could simply tell us. I have absolutely no reason to lie anything. I’m a freedom seeker and will always fight for justice. If Voice is free and I didn’t know, great ! Thanks for enlightening us.

Dan said there would be free accounts

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I expected so. Let’s see how it develops :)

Wow 9 dollars, Steem used to pay you for joining (You got free steem power).

WOw hes lying, no one is charging 9 dollars for an account. he was talking about Steem charging money for new accounts not EOS. Voice users will get a FREE account AND EOS accounts costs money to create just like steem accounts DPOS isnt free.....

You're accusing someone of lying without any evidence that is so. Do give thought to how that translates to folks that might consider your anti Steem and pro Voice ranting.

If you can.

No i didnt accuse him of lying, i pointed out his lie that he is claiming that Voiceis charging him $9 dollars, thats a dirty lie

if he was refering to EOS charging him $9 lol he should have made it clear because Voice is NOT teh same thing as EOS, but also, it coists $0.99 to create an eos account not $9 Plus its also free if you look for it, attic labs still giving out free account codes


bro just look at how your being flagged right now, lol i even saved one of your comments from oblivion earlier only to find a bunch of flagged replies, weird man
you defend steem when it censors you lol

i think steemians need to do a content strike, just delegate to bid bots, earn passive income, and refuse to post until ned offers a roadmap and an onboarding tool and plans to onboard at least 5 million users a y7ear AT LEASt.... bare minimum....

"you defend steem when it censors you lol"

I just say what I think is true. I am not responsible for Bernie, and Steem isn't either.

Regarding 'lying', there are other possibilities. I just don't think ignoring those other possibilities and jumping to the most insulting and pejorative claim is either reasonable or wise. He may misrecall. He may have been phished. There are lots of other reasons that he could make that statement honestly, even if he isn't factually correct. I understand you believe he is factually incorrect, and disagree with his statement, but that doesn't necessarily make him a liar.

I appreciate your sincerity, but not calling someone a liar without proof of intent to mislead.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

Yeah, delegation is still a reality .

yeah no sorry delegation is not a reality for creating accounts, that was changed with hf20 which crippled the ability of users like me to create a new account, now only mega whales can amke mroe than 1 account every 5 days. Yeah you need like 7k SP jst to make 1 Free account every 5 days.... yeah no thanks.... even an account with 1 Million SP can barely make 500 accounts every 5 days so 100 a day? yeeah ok good luck combining all teh whales SP to make free accounts for steem... if ned had a brain hed have @steem and @steemit creating new accounts for people, but instead ned is "waiting" for something

you know ned told @thedegensloth that ned was "saving the Steem name space" and thats why he wasnt onboarding people anymore?