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People are downvoting me for talking to you

They'll be addressed soon enough.

Now he is going to all of my posts and downvoting them... lol like WHAT the actual fuck is wrong with people... he wants to start a war with me for NO reason other than I commented on your post


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Hello Bernie, and good afternoon.

giphy (4).gif

And this for anyone else reading since I couldn't get much traction today. It's been kinda quiet:

Screenshot (575).png

I'm too old to be laughing out loud at that!



Hello sir

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Is it me you're looking for?

Hi Bernie.



It´s me....
Thank you - GIF.gif

You beat me to it

Aahha, it had to be done!! :D

ł Ⱡł₭Ɇ ฿ⱠØ₦ĐłɆ ₣Ʉ₵₭ ⱧØⱠɆ₴ ₳₦Đ ₣Ʉ₵₭ ₮ØłⱠɆ₮₴

hi bro!

Hi how are you

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Hahaha this is steemit, Bernie is popular, so HELLO back :-)

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