Beautiful scenery and waterfall photography in the hilly region

Nature has made us attractive around the world.And from this nature we are always living with different kinds of facilities,Therefore, it is the responsibility of each of us to protect the beautiful nature of the environment around us.!!



The most fascinating waterfall in the hilly region is the waterfall, and for this beautiful waterfall most people in the hilly region love to travel.And there are many types of waterfalls in the hilly region like big to medium but most of us people in this world like big waterfalls.And most of the people traveling in the hilly areas are very fond of soaking up the water in the hills.And people love to hear the sound of waterfalls in the waterfall.!!


Water has been falling from the waterfall in the mountainous region for ages, and the tribal people of the hill region collect water from these waterfalls and are doing their daily work after the age.There are many waterfalls in the hilly regions that make the waterfalls a tributary of the mountainous tribes.And people from different parts of the country come to these sights and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountainous region.!!



Reservoirs travel to hilly areas, and many such water bodies can be seen in the hilly areas.And these reservoirs are naturally formed in the mountainous region, and most of the water in these reservoirs is in the waterfall.So the water in this reservoir is very clear,And the water of this reservoir lives by drinking the animals of the mountainous region.!!


There are some plants that are born naturally in aquaculture and these plants do not survive without water.And many such plants are found in aquaculture, and these plants can survive for many days under water.And the different types of shoala of this plant are born naturally and this shoyla is the main food of fish in this water body.!!



I first saw this impression on the stone and thought it might be a footprint,Although not a footprint, this image was created naturally on stone,And such an image is rarely seen in the mountainous region.!!


Now, winter is the winter, most of the trees in the hilly areas have fallen to the ground. When the winter is gone, the new leaves will grow again.And now when you travel the mountainous region, only the ground can be seen with numerous leaves of trees spread out and it looks like the leaves have been spread.!!


Whenever I travel to mountainous areas, I build small pyramids with different types of rocks scattered throughout the hills.And I loved making small pyramids with different stones.!!



In the hilly region, different types of trees are spread, with different types of fruit on each tree, and these fruits survive by eating the animals and birds of the hills.I do not know the name of this fruit tree because the fruit tree is very small and this little tree has red red fruit.!!


When traveling in the hilly region, many such mausoleums are born naturally on the bark of different dying plants or on the ground lying dead.And because this type of maskum is born naturally in the mountainous region, we call them wild masoom.And in the hilly region, there are many types of colors and masses of many sizes.!!



Traveling in the hilly region, there are many kinds of flowers in different types of trees and flowers of different colors. We do not know the names of most of the trees in the hilly areas of the hill region, but the trees in the hill regions we call them Jangipur.And the different types of flowers in these different trees make the mountainous area more beautiful and attractive.!!



Wild turtles are abundant in the hilly region and in the hilly areas many wild turtles are spread and this wild turtle is a kind of flower and these flowers smell very beautiful and beautiful.!!

So to this day, tomorrow I will bring you new photography and another new post.If you like my photography and my posts then of course you will upvote for me.!!


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