There Are Two Types of People in This World Through the Landscape of Life…

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Hi, dear friends!

In my experience, when it comes to how well we do in our lives, there are generally two types of people, and both types assume that they are right.

Now, I’ve already stated my position on what is true and what is not true.

It doesn’t matter whether something is true or not, what matters is what we do with our beliefs.

Let me make my case for and against these two types.

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This is not about right or wrong. Obviously, and as we have stated countless times before, we should always do what is right.

But when it comes to our mindset, the idea that our facts are true or not becomes really significant for a lot of people.

But it doesn’t matter whether something is true or not.

This is all that matters: Is this mindset helping me thrive or pushing me down?

And when it comes to facing this truth, there are generally two types of people.

The first type attributes everything to luck and gives it value, while the second type strives to be wary and seize opportunities whenever they can.

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Now, I have seen both of these types in action. And let me tell you, the first type doesn’t do well for themselves out in the real world, as realistic as their mindset may seem.

The first type attribute the success of accomplished people to fate and chance, and they believe ‘luck’ is an important player in the comings and goings of the world.

The second type believe that they should always be wary and cautious, so that they can seize opportunities wherever they see them.

The first type shamelessly puts the blame of their unconditional surrender to the circumstances of society, whereas the second type is always struggling to do more and accomplish better things.

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So, you either believe that luck should take care of everything for you, or you get out there and make the effort of actually trying to accomplish something.

Which one of these types would you prefer to fit in?

A lot of people do not understand that they are giving up on everything simply because fate and chance have an inevitable role to play in their lives.

But it is not always about our chances and luck.

Most of the times, we lose opportunities because we are not watchful and conscious of what is going on in the world.

Escape the bandwagon of losers in our society and join the company of those who strive to always develop themselves and learn from their mistakes!



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Yeah..!!! Definitely there is not another option than running go out and fight for everything we need in this live..!!!

Amazing @chbartist

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Greetings @chbartist

Definitely the option is to go out and fight for our dreams.

Staying awaiting the right moment, it may never arrive or we may not see it happen.

There are times when ideals can cloud the vision, so we do not see the opportunities. In these moments, we must evaluate the options and take the one that best suits us.

Hello @chbartist!

Many times the luck intervenes in our processes and helps us to obtain success in some things, and other times it is only work and effort.

But as you say in this article, not everything is our chances and luck. We just have to be up to date with everything that is happening in the world to know what we can take advantage of at this moment. This is what in my country we call Be in the movement.


In psychological terms what you are discussing is perceived "locus of control" - the degree to which an individual perceives that they have control over their life. I realize that you are saying two types of people to simplify the discussion which I agree with. In actuality these sorts of things tend to be on a spectrum within the population which again you ate probably aware of. For me personally I believe that I fall into the second category. I dont believe in luck other than it being related to random chance. So I would say that I have a relatively high percieved locus of control.

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There are various types of people in this world. And in general there are two as you mentioned in your writing, sir.

While luck may exist at times, effort and hard work is the only way to make long term goals sustainable and also enjoyable as we appreciate things more when we achieve them with sacrifice.

Escape the bandwagon of losers in our society and join the company of those who strive to always develop themselves and learn from their mistakes!

Absolutely correct. Its always to stay away from the people who are loosers and join the company of those who work very hard to achieve successs.

So true, great post.

Sir I like scanned types person who searched opportunity anywhere and what can I do for success.

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WEll written, trully agree with your points...

Luck versus Effort has been an age long dichotomy in determining Success in Life!
While it can't be absolutely right to subscribe to either;it can't be controversial to admit that both are ingredients of Success. To which degree , each contribute is another world entirely! But could it be 50/50?, Never!!

Solution : Disregard and commend Luck as much as possible and strive to Excell in advancing Value to others by your Efforts.
Undoubtedly, this unfamiliar brew would engender Success!!

I am honored to read @chbartist today . All thanks!!

Dejarle todo a la suerte es como esperar que todo caiga del cielo. Sin embargo, hacer algo y esperar los resultados es distinto. Hay que salir del cascarón y comenzar a construir un camino que lleve al logro de los objetivos.

Wow. This is great and you are really right about this

That's true, We should keep faith in our fate but should never stop putting efforts in our work is integral part.
Keep inspiring.

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Very good post

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I wouldn't call it "luck," but there is validity to circumstances beyond our control. If we realize that some things come to pass (at least in part) by being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing, it helps us be more "agile" and to look for those unforeseen opportunities and to be "ready for anything."

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hello friend what good point I like to strive to be cautious and take advantage of opportunities whenever I can. for me it is the key to success.

nice post and photo

I mean opportunities are literally a type of 'luck'.

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Saludos. Me atrevo a asegurar que la suerte en nuestras acciones está condicionada. Que lo que prevalece es la consecuencia de nuestras acciones. De nuestras decisiones. Aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades está supeditado a nuestras experiencias anteriores en la vida.

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I think luck isn't always stick to someone's fate. The fact is when s/he is bestowed with luck we call him lucky. I don't think it's a recurring fact to the lucky one.

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debemos estar mas atentos las posibilidades tocan la puerta y no estamos preparados es el momento de tomar iniciativas y luchar para lograr cosas

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