What to Do When You Feel That All is Lost?

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Hi, dear friends!

Failure is something that will catch up with all of us multiple times in our lives.

Whether it is an unfortunate turn of events or our own shortcomings, failure is always going to affect us.

Sometimes, we are not as competent or strong as we hope to be, and that is why we fail.

Sometimes, things happen in the world that become an obstacle in our path and lead us to failure, things that are out of our control.

Whatever the case, it is not strange in these circumstances to feel that all is lost.

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Hopelessness in the face of failure is unbearably devastating to our well-being; the idea that all our efforts have been for nothing.

The fact that we can never achieve success, because there is always going to be something that stands between us and the destination.

We, human beings, are nothing without hope; the sole pillar upon which our life foundation is built.

Without hope, there is no future. Without a future, the futility of everything will compel you to forsake the pursuit of things that you have always dreamt of…

… and to sink deeper into the abysmal madness of failure and its weakening grasp on our lives.

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But we have a say in this matter! We may be powerless against failure itself, but we are not powerless when it comes to how we see failure and decide to deal with it.

You have three options in the face of failure; cower in a corner and live the rest of your days without even trying, let some time pass and try again, or become wild and ferocious and keep going!

The first option is for those who lose life on the large scale.

The people who face a failure and decide to give it all up, because they cannot tolerate the idea of failing.

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The second option is about those who feel a little down and depressed for some time after facing failure. This is completely natural.

Feeling miserable is a result of facing failure or inevitable and terrible outcome of events. But these people eventually decide to rise back up and start fighting again.

The idea of getting back up and struggling with your goals is admirable and noteworthy, but in this blog post, I am going to implore you to consider yet another path…

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These are the third group of people, and in their rarity, they become stars in the sky of humanity that light the way forward.

These people cannot be defeated or pushed down.

These people do not waste time when they face failure, because they use failure as a fuel that gives them ferocity and might to strike hard against the darkness that clouds their lives.

To them, failure is just something that can make them even more determined and angry.

We cannot expect everyone to face failure like this, because it requires terrible power and strength.

But if you decide to put in the effort and face failure like that, in time you will subconsciously deal with every problem in this manner…

It is only then when you can be sure that success is waiting for you down the road of life!



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Greetings @chbartist.

If we see the failures, as learning situations, we will take the necessary information from this and move on. Life goes on.

If we are programmed to, feel bad every time we fail, then we will lose valuable time in grieving.

Failures must be seen as a non-efficient learning situation, but you must value and take what you have learned

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Just continuous pushing

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In addition, it is important to soberly consider why you failed, so that you make the necessary changes and don't make the same mistakes again.

The life of satisfaction and success depends on our will, if we let depression and sadness gain ground we do not advance in anything, the few things we do are done without enthusiasm and probably go wrong, sinking us into a fatal depressive black hole.

On the other hand, if it is done with enthusiasm, accepting some defeat and starting again, success will reign.

Greetings and happy week

You have three options in the face of failure; cower in a corner and live the rest of your days without even trying, let some time pass and try again, or become wild and ferocious and keep going.

I am from the third path. ;)

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I often have learned to fail but fail fast to enable me to adjust quickly and move on to ensure that goals are still worked on. This is how we can gain the resilience needed to move forward in the face of adversity.

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Failure is a statement telling you that "this is not the way to get what you are expecting". How you react to that "statement card" is left to you.
Like the saying goes, if you try and don't succeed, try and try again till you succeed.

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We should move on to success. Don't think about failure that you should be fail because failure open the door of success. Thanks
Good luck chbartist..............

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I feel failure is important in life so that we understand the value of success. Getting easy success can make us lazy and perhaps we won't think more to do that in better way. Failure gives us more strength to do better to achieve success. Basically its the way to success. Thanks for wring nice post friend.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison. Failure is what makes the best the best! How boring would life be if everything was without challenge? Source: wisequotestoliveby.com

When all seems to be lost, I only look up to God while hoping for a better tomorrow. Life will always throw stones at us but in Christ, there's hope and restoration.

Steve Jobs could be the best example treating the point you've mention here. I know you know that @chbartist .

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I like your recommendation if you decide put in the effort and face
Great advice sir I agree with you.

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Failures are the key to success.

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You always can learn something from a loss and do it better next time.

As always I loved your post!!

good article with Great Advice
a Big THANKS @chbartist

Needed this today :) Feeling a little lost with no direction. Doing my best and hoping things fall into place.

Thanks for sharing @chbartist
Failure is a state of mind either you want to cry on your failure move ahead, with a lesson learned.

Great advice. Very awesome. Upvoted. Resteemed.

To fail to try, is to try to fail...

  ·  4 months ago Reveal Comment

I commit many failure but your daily blog fuel me to be keep going...

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I think failures are your good friends they always teaches you more than the success.

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You are alive, which means you can move more, you have not lost nothing, it was just one bad day. 👌💪

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this is awesome!


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Thanks for the great words

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Thanks for the post.

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Muy cierto hablas con conocimiento de causa excelente articulo

Evrybody will fail in the hole life. But you keep your head and learn from the misstakes. Evrything what not kill you makes you stronger.

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thank you. Doesn't matter if you are going up or down. Who you are is the only thing that really matters

Hi there! Nice thoughts!
For me, the greatest failure in life is made when we don't learn in every failures we made. To err is human but an error is vital for achieving perfection.
Just be thankful anyway.

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A Nice Article, Indeed!

Thank you. So far I have been the kind of person that waits a while to restart any action after a failure. Although it may be hard to react immediately with renewed strength, I find it is quite possible and from now on I'll always consider that option.

But let us remember that many successes have matured through as many failures. the important thing is the spirit with which one faces an adventure. thanks my friend for this post

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Great advice.

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