Greg Hunter Interview: John Rubino -- The U.S. Federal Reserve Can't Save Us

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Greg Hunter interviews John Rubino, financial writer and founder of, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:20) Is the crisis solved?;
  • (05:22) What is the U.S. Federal Reserve's biggest fear?;
  • (09:18) Isn't the FED just trying to stop from defaulting?;
  • (14:03) Is there a limit to what the FED can do?;
  • (16:08) Does the FED only have a few tools to use?;
  • (18:07) Is the FED showing how worthless the money is right now?;
  • (21:43) Why do you think gold prices have caught a bid?;
  • (25:58) Are you saying the FED has not fixed anything?;
  • And more...

30 minute video by Greg Hunter published 11 June 2019

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The Fed Can’t Save Us –John Rubino


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A wonderful, informative interview.

As government debt, corporate debt etc. are such high levels that they would not be able to pay the interest on these if interest rates went to normal levels.

Just creating more and more debt is insane!

The central banks now have no instruments to normalise the money supply.


Thank you for posting this Greg Hunter interview with John Rubino.


This will be true for millions of people trapped in the debt based system.

But some have heeded the warnings because they follow people like Greg Hunter, Gregory Mannarino (@marketreport), and Marius Landman. There is a way out for those hear and take action now. Gregory Mannarino has been telling his followers for years about the warning signs he sees and to become there own central bank. Marius Landman is advocating cryptocurrencies as the way to freedom. The common thread is that they urge people to get out of the debt based system before it collapses.

I thank God that I am free of the debt-based system. And I hope many other people like yourself will be free too.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

I've already have become my central bank by buying gold and silver and some cryptocurrencies - thanks.

Looks like there is no way out - the central banks have painted themselves into a corner. No doubt the people responsible for creating this debt based system will walk away scot free.

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

interesting interview why the government does not notice,or does not want to notice, all these problems,thank you for sharing

Hello @etcmike, I don't know anything about these topics, but I wonder, would crypto currencies help in all these problems?

Yes, there are cryptocurrencies that will help with these problems.

Most gold/silver bugs are not into cryptocurrencies. In the long run, it may be wise to hold a little of each.

Have a great week!
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