Paycent Integrates STEEM!

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STEEM is now live on the Paycent App. This makes STEEM accessible and useable globally through Paycent Cards and the associated mobile App.



Paycent has delivered over 60,000 crypto-fiat cards which are used globally. Paycent Cards enable users to convert digital currencies into local currencies for use online or withdrawn from automated teller machines (ATMs) with real-time accessibility and convenience while adhering to the highest level of security standards in the industry.

Providing one of the best services in the cryptocurrency market, the Paycent team continues to strive for mass-adoption of digital assets for the unbanked with real daily life utility.

Purchase Gold and Silver with STEEM

In addition to being able to add your STEEM to a widely accepted debit card, you can now also purchase digital Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG) with STEEM via the Paycent Android or iOS App.

Promo Code

In celebration of its launch of STEEM integration, Paycent has issued the $5 OFF Promo code 0cTC6 to the first 2500 customers who order their very own Paycent card.

Visit to order your very own crypto-debit card and #PaywithSTEEM today!

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Good deal!!

I am aware of the history there, so Paycent took preorders for Mastercard before it was integrated. Mastercard for some reason delayed and they are in negotiations with Mastercard to be able to issue them, last I heard was an ETA of a few weeks from now. At the moment you can only order Union Pay International cards which work in most countries, you can also order Union Pay China cards.

I understand they will refund or replace your Mastercard with a Union Pay card if you do not wish to wait for the Mastercards to be able to be activated.

Im really happy to be a part of steem in time for communities and the first steem debit card for fiat payments Ive seen in 2019 . I am excited to see someone spend some steem after withdrawing some steemp from steem engine. it will be interesting to see people trading steem engine tokens and withdrawing to steem spending it as fiat with this debit card!

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Very interesting. I think I’ll observe from a distance for now.

Interesting, seems the guy did get his refund in time and I doubt that post had anything to do with it. However, that must of sucked big time waiting for 10ETH refund— I have an account with them already but will proceed with caution.

Thanks and Cheers !BEER

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Which card do you have, the Union Pay?

Still waiting on the MasterCard but patience is a virtue I guess... not many cards ship to Jamaica so I’m willing to wait a bit longer. I was able to use SpectroCoin’s virtual card a year ago before they also started the BS. Seems there are issues with most crypto debit cards ever since the Visa/MasterCard debacle early 2018 (I think)

Contacted PayCent only to hear a similar story— they are delayed. I’m gonna try again after this, hopefully if they have their act together this can be huge for Steem merchants

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They don't have an ETA on mastercard, it has some compliance hurdles, Paycent is offering Union Pay International cards as replacement, email them and ask for that rather, you might be waiting long for mastercard otherwise.

They will never get MC approved.

Union Pay at least is better than nothing

This is going to allow all of the steem engine tokens to have a very nearbye debit card to use, no more having to buy BTC... so we can more easily cash out PAL, NEOIXAG, LEO, and, EOS STEEMP will be on newdex next week most likely , so eos users will soon be able to buy steemp from newdex, with eos, and deposit it into steem engine to buy any steem engine token or withdraw to steem to then spend on this debit card. We now have so many ways to use steem, I really see steem used as a serious payment system if we can get steemit inc to use a few million of their steem to provide free accounts so we can scale up, unless they have a plan to have lite accounts, because if we just had the account issue solved or a plan for it, I could see steem replacing paypal. It really is something people request from me when seeking payments, people request they are sent steem and see steem as the best way to get paid. Any other payment method either has high feed, wait times or, risk of charge backs. Steem is a very simple almost video game style payment system, as fair as the universe should be, a system aliens would even be proud to participate in.

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Can paycent cards be used in the US?

I confirmed the following with their team:

Yes they work very well in the US. Any where they see the Discover Sign they can use the CUP Ruby card

Thanks for taking the time to look into this for all of us.

Just to further clarify, CUP = China Union Pay?

I searched and just found this, which seems to indicate the fee structure:
[from there: Physical Card Order (including DHL/FedEx Delivery)$ 49.00 ]

But it doesn't define what CUP is. All I see is
"This Paycent card [ruby] is powered by CUP that comes with a daily spending limit of US $5,000 and with a withdrawal limit of US $5,000."

This site seems to indicate that CUP is China Union Pay:

My first reaction is that I'd rather not use a Chinese bank but everyone can do their own research and make their own decisions.

Yeah CUP is China Union Pay, UPI is Union Pay International both work the same. My advice is use the card simply as a payment vehicle of convenience, just load what you intend to use in the short term. That goes without saying for any crypto debit card.

Thanks very much for your helpful reply!

Excellent. Thank you for the confirmation on this. I will look in to getting a card in this case.

Yes dear off course US is hub of the world then why not paycent work there.

Doesn't mean that it does

I will ask their team and confirm.

I love seeing this kind of increase use cases for the SteemIt app / blockchain technology and all that good stuff. Good to see the progress coming in a very real life form!

This is huge for @reggaesteem members— Paycent is one of the few crypto debit card services that deliver to Jamaica 🇯🇲

We #JAHM’in!

Cheers !BEER

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They deliver most places yes!

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That really interesting to hear that this debit card even delivered to Jamaica an island nation? A very good sign,
If these work in West Africa and Indonesia they could be super useful for growing large marketing armies for steem, creating a global middle class using steem.
I wonder if these cards work in Nigeria and Ghana would you happen to know @thecryptodrive ? Also thanks for this great accomplishment, i wish you could get me featured on the next steem marketing so you can announce STEEMP EOS token by steem engine being listed on newdex, the first STEEM token on EO! STEEM PEG on EOS to be listed against eos, allowing eos users to buy steem, (pegged steemp, which we can have real smart contracts and dapps with so we can meet eos on its terms AND have SMts i need this to be announced before it gets listed next week so steemp can have a big opening debut on newdex and the newdex community can see how POWERFUL steem community really is....

That's incredible with paycent card now anyone can reedem his cash through credit card. Whats a surprise from steemit which collaboration with the paycent company who are already working 60000 crypto currencies what a number. Steemit and paycent give the real ease to the users thanks.

Interesting they use Union Pay. Its quite big in Thailand now with some of the banks using them as their preferred middleman. Will have to check this out :-)

Any PR is good PR - as long as it helps to spread the word about the best blockchain with the most loyal community and we attract business to invest here. The potential is here - we might simply need to add some more marketing campaigns - my words since I joined over three years ago.

Nice article and Paycent credit card for I can finally withdraw my steem dollars through this credit card as well. What makes it great is it's global and maybe it will work here in Asia as well. Maybe we should start registering to and get a debit card there... Anyway, I already have a Visa card, can I use it with my steem dollars friend? Actually, it's a great motivation to receive our reward or pay from our work at the same time.

Only Steem is supported, not steem dollars at this stage. It basically converts Steem to USD loaded on the card without going via BTC as middleman, you should be able to get union pay international or union pay china in asia.

Will they be offering a cashback incentive? I get 2.5% cashback on all purchases now thru USAA

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Generally cash back is available on credit cards and this is a debit card, also more regulation around cash backs so no plan to have cash backs as far as I have been told. There is the PYN token which makes fees cheaper though.

I don’t see this being anything special for our community. If anyone has information otherwise please let me know

You can buy metals using bitcoin easily through JM Bullion or many other large known metal sellers. This extra step isn’t needed

That’s great news

Sorry but this looks scammy AF

Thanks for sharing @steem-marketing
I will be applying for a paycent card asap!

me to i know it would help me out

I have never seen a card provider with so many fees. If you transfer money to someone, I expect they are offering you all kind of services for free, even pay you some cash-back to keep you money with them....

You've never seen Payoneer then !! lol....ridiculous fees

I found the conversion rate quite low, most BTC cards have like 5% loss on the spread. The spread on paycent seems quite tight, perhaps 1%.

If you don't hold it, you don't own it. This truth goes for cryptos AND precious metals.

Great stuff team, now to get yourself on Celulias, Nexo and :)

This is awesome !!

Really awesome news, am excited to know about Paycent

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Very interesting. Really awesome news, am excited to know about Paycent.

i wana place my order

Excellent news!

This is my first time getting into the world of block chain and crypto currency so this seems like a big deal, I hope it proves to be a viable option.

Cool, when priec

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Thank you =) Cheers 🍻

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Sweet! Only need like 100,000 Steem to buy anything with it these days!

Cool 10/10

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.41.33 AM.png

Something is better than nothing. I wish it was a better something though.

Really nice

Great News!!!

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good news

wow cool!!!

This is all very interesting! The STEEM algorithm is in a large way design to be used as a stable token. Sound Money. Therefore implying that the creators were designed a burnable, fixed inflation currency that in some ways would be very much like a fiat currency in its liquidity responsiveness. So any project leveraging on that nature of Steem, I think adds commercial value, certainly!

STEEM will go up a lot with this

Good news...
Congratulations Paycent and STEEM!

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Very nice...interested...

I think it is not limited to specific locations; rather works for global users yeaaa???

Bravo Another important milestone scaled!!

About time I will check this out thanks 💯🐒

Does the card apply to any part of the world?

Most parts for Union Pay International, if it allows you to order in your region should work.


Good to know but there are limitations in countries as many county aren’t aware of this

no doubt they are advancing in the expansion, congratulations to the whole steem team

is this a new c

Nice, thanks for making this a 100% @sbdpotato beneficiary post!

Based on reviews about paycent, I am worried it might be another scam! Transaction fees are quite high compare to others. Though, I am pretty much fan of Wirex.

cashback incentive?

no its a debit card, normally credit cards have cash back, the PYN token however gives you reduced fees.

Hello My name is Naimo or Naciimo I am new here and don't know where to start. Lol I will figure it out one day and thank you all in advance.

Great initiative. Weldone Team 💪

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Great news

Resteeming for more visibility

Didn't know about all this. This seems interesting.

thanks for informations

Thats pretty cool

That's cool news, a step forward towards integration !


Don't see this ending well.

Thank you for a most interesting report.

I love the way fellow steemians are embracing Steem innovation, and finding ways for us all to enjoy our experience on this decentralised platform.

UnionPay is accepted here in New Zealand. One of our largest trading banks is Westpac. Their ATMs have been accepting UPI cards since 2017, and EFTPOS payments using a Payment Express hosted platform. Check out the details here:

As a premier tourist destination country, NZ will see increased usage of cryptocurrency payment cards. Awesome that Steem is now going to be part of that global industry!

That's a big plus. Congrats.

Hi This sound very interesting. I'm not familiar with Paycent or either crypto-debit cards. Are these cards accepted worldwide, i.e. in the U.S.?

I live in Korea.
Can I get a card in Korea, too?

Install the mobile paycent app and go through the ordering process, very likely u can get a Union Pay card there.

thank you

Wowwww great news.... It will expend the steem all over the world.

very good

Interesting! Happy steeming!

Gran noticia, digno de compartir.

I don't understand :<

Solid!! =]



Pues se ve bien.

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Super fantastic

Nice over view