Introducing ScotBB: A partnership between Steem-Engine and TokenBB

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The Steem-Engine team and @TokenBB team are happy to announce a new partnership. We're bringing you ScotBB!

What is ScotBB?

ScotBB allows you to create a forum and power it with your Scot and Scotbot.

Scot is a Smart Contract Organization Token. It's a word like coin or token, but it's specific to the Steem Engine platform.

Scotbot is a voting tool developed by @holger80 that uses logic similar to Steem to distribute Scot via Proof-of-Brain.

TokenBB is a steem powered forum developed by BuildTeam.

ScotBB uses the TokenBB tool developed by BuildTeam, and powers it with Scot and Scotbot.

What's the benefit?

Incentivize discussions in your community with crypto. Retain users. Keep them engaged!

There's a really active forum that's part of League of Legends where people sit around all day and discuss the finer points of the game. Imagine them doing that, but earning crypto the whole time.

What's it cost?

There will be a 1000 ENG setup fee that will be automated through the Steem Engine site.

Ongoing costs aren't announced just yet, but will be part of a larger pricing program to be launched "soon."

To be clear though. is moving away from charging ongoing costs in ENG and instead moving to a model where apps will need to stake ENG based on the amount of services and number of active users they have.

Example: Monster Forum!

If you'd like an example of the look and feel of a forum go ahead and check out

You'll see that it's powered by Splintertalk (SPT) tokens.

Example: PALnet Forums!

You can see a forum that's just starting to take shape for PALnet here:

Come introduceyourself!


My hat is off to you @aggroed, I don't know where you find the time to get so many projects done.

True indeed.. @aggroed is definitely a power player in the Steem community 😀👍

Will jump into both forums in just a moment. So much going on and I love it! Keep up the great work

I was brainstorming on how to power my forum -

This is a great collaboration with @tokenbb

Ahhhhhh! The amount of progress is on overload...

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Question about TokenBB: is it safe to presume that posts made on there will flow through to our steemit blog?

Tokenbb posts are implemented through comments on-chain so you wont fill your feed with them (unless you want to, which will be a feature soon)

I'm looking forward to that feature @reggaemuffin!

I upvoted but the total went down one pal?

OK, gone and done checked it out.... still very curious as to how this all works, and cannot wait to see how it changes things around here. Because it will, no questions about it.

Nice Project !BEER

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Both of these forums are excellent. And now that is out, it's a game-changer! Great job guys!!!!