SteemPeak Release - Update v1.14 - New User Tools: Discover, Organize and Lists

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A new version of SteemPeak is now available with lots of large and small improvements that hopefully will improve your experience. There are many things included in this release so I (@asgarth) am going to do a quick recap in this post and maybe we'll detail some of them in a full post in the next days ;)

The new release is now live at


1. You can now organize users into LISTS

The biggest feature is the option to create LISTS with users you follow or want to track. This is not going to replace the standard feed and the usual follow/unfollow workflow, rather it will compliment those features and will allow you to create some customized feed grouping user into different categories.

You can add users to a list directly from a post, in the user profile page or in the new Followers/Following/Suggestions pages (more about these pages in the next point.

2. Brand new Followers/Following pages

This have been on our TO-DO list for a long time. Finally we redesigned these pages to give you more details on your follower or following users. And while we are at it we added a quick option to organize those users in LISTS.

To view the new page go to your profile or just check this link:

3. Suggested users page

Earlier this month I started talking about this with @r00sj3 and quickly we created a prototype of a new page to suggest interesting users to follow. The suggestions are based on the list of users you already follow. I'm pretty sure we can still tune the algorithm and provide better results, so feedback are always welcome ;)

4. Option to Feature posts in the feed

We added an option to show 'Featured' posts at the top of your feed. This is similar to what's available on and will be used to highlight some interesting posts (like this one :D). Of course you can always dismiss them.

Maybe it's not so impressive right now, but it will be the building block for other features in the future.

5. A new Services page

We created a new page to give our users more details on the projects/services that are integrated into SteemPeak. Some of those services require to be manually enabled. This is a preview of the new pages that is available here:


6. Integrated the @likwid reward option for posts

We integrated the @likwid service into the Publish page. When publishing a post you can select (if enabled in the Services page) a new Reward Option. With this optionthe post reward will be received by @likwid and in return @likwid will send you back SBD and "liquid" STEEM instead of SP (Steem Power). Likwid is an external projects that charges a 1.5% fee for this service.

Be sure to read and understand how this service works (more details here) before selecting this option.

7. Avoid re-ordering comments after upvote

This have been requested by some users. basically when you upvote a comment on a post it's not automatically re-ordered according to the new estimated payout. This is useful on posts with lots of comments when also a small vote can make a comment jump high on the list and it's not easy to find it again to write a reply.

Also if this seems a small change in my opinion is quite handy and a big help when going on a large comment list.

8. Wallet improvements

We have done lots of changes to the Wallet page recently and also this release brings some improvements. These are the new features included in the current release:

  • The number of SteemBasicIncome 'Units' is now shown and there is an option to sponsor an account
  • The Estimated Account Value now includes the value of your Steem Engine tokens. It's still possible to view the split between the Steem/Steem Engine account balances
9. Allow embedded music in posts

Content creators can now embed songs/music on their post. This is done using the <audio> HTML tag. Of course you'll have to provide a valid file as it's not possible to upload them to SteemPeak.
The syntax to embed the player is the following:

<audio src="https://.../my_music.mp3" loop="true"></audio>

If you are interested in technical details you can read more in this post I published yesterday.

10. The Neoxian tribe is now available

The Neoxian tribe is now whitelisted on SteemPeak. Check it out here:

Full Release Note:

Other than the major changes described above there are other small fixes and improvements. This is the full list:

- You can now organize users into LISTS
- Brand new Followers/Following pages
- Suggested users page
- Option to Feature posts in the feed
- A new Services page
- Integrated the @likwid reward option for posts
- Avoid re-ordering comments after upvote
- Some Wallet improvements
- Allow embedded music in posts
- The Neoxian tribe is now available
- Chinese users should now be able to use SteemPeak. The default API endpoint for them will be set to ``.
- On mobile it's now possible to filter Activities and Transactions
- A new Privacy Policy page is included
- A fix in the Portfolio page that was not working for some users
- As always some minor bugfixes and improvements


Now's probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help process the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:

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The Steem Basic Income share tracker seems to be something new? I love that!

I think Steempeak is the best Steem interface out there. It is such a pity that so many people are still using

You have done a wonderful job! It's a very powerful interface!

Thanks !!

Really amazing, how you constantly improve. Thanks!!

Thanks and thanks for all the support we get from our community ;)

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

Amazing update! Would you be able to calculate the total wallet from Steem Engine including delegations? I have all my PAL and LEO delegated to a second account, so they don't show up in the balance. For that matter, it doesn't show properly on SE either, but yea if that's possible, it would be great since a lot of people are delegating to other accounts to help get more control over curation.

Oh, thanks for reporting this. I checked how the balance is estimated on SE and did the same, but probably this should be improved on both website ;)

Hey, thanks for what you're doing!
Is there any possibility of adding an "Exclude" filter on Wallet page? Currently, it has a filter to exclude 0.001 SBD transactions. But I'd like to have a feature that can exclude some dapp's transactions. Lately, I see my wallet taken over by transactions to gambling dapps!

So an a/c or a search term based exclusion would be extremely helpful for people like me.

Similar to the text filter but to exclude the transactions?

Yes,e.g. to exclude all transactions from and to @epicdice account.

Secondly, I want to know whether the estimated account value also takes into consideration the SNAX balance?

And is there any way to find out my VP for different tribes without leaving SteemPeak?

  1. Ok, I'll see if I we can include this
  2. Not at the moment. If you click the 'show details' link you'll see what's included in the estimated account value. Do you know how to check the current SNAX price?
  3. Not yet, maybe we can add this in the future.
  1. Thank you in anticipation!
  2. I see. I don't think SNAX is listed on any large exchange but if you want to check its price, ChainRift is an option. You may also use data aggregating websites like CoinGecko.
  3. That would be great!

Oh, I already use coingecko for the Steem/SBD price in the wallet. I can probably add SNAX too. Thanks for your feedback ;)

I did a quick test and using CoinGecko it's quite easy to add the SNAX value. A quick preview of what will be included in the next release:


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I will have so much fun labeling everyone on my list.

Waiting for your feedback :)

It’s pretty sweet!

Although, it did cause some discord as people wonder what I labelled them as. Lol

Oh, lists are private at the moment. So probably better to just keep the secret :P

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Very cool info, thanks a lot for share, I will take a look one more time to explore..!!

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How can there be so much sexy in ONE POST!?

You guys never cease to amaze me. I love how quickly you implement suggestions from the community. These new features are amazing! All of them! Sure, I have my favorites... but you guys.... YOU GUYS! You're awesome. Thank you for all that you do. 😍

Thanks :D

yet another awesome update...! any news on referrals? :)

Thanks. Unfortunately we have not yet found a good solution to allow referrals :(

no way to integrate steemninja? :(

It's already one of the options to create a new account. Do you mean integrating their referrals program?

yup, integrating it for referrals. so anyone that clicks on my blog and signs up should be associated as my referral

Doing this will mean that also our own referral will be overridden. Not that we are going to be rich thanks to new accounts signup in any case :D

so it'll all comes down to a softcoded auto-beneficiary...? someone signs up via my steempeak ref link, there is an auto beneficiary to me (and steempeak) set to their posts/comments... I think that could work

This is something doable. But I'm not sure the new account that signup with your referral code will understand how it will work.

Usually when you use a referral link both parties get a bonus. In this case who use your referral link will give you part of their reward (for 1 month?, forever?), so the benefits are only for one of the user.

IF we do this we should be very careful and try to explaining it clearly.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I'm impressed, once again, by the quality, usefulness and number of improvements you added to SteamPeak over a short period of time since the last update!

One suggestion, if I may, on the Followers/Following page. it would be useful another column to show the recent 'community' tags the author has used.

Also, if that wouldn't be too resource expensive for a large number of followers (displayed in tens or hundreds?), a sort by the last post, SP and vote worth columns would be interesting.

Thanks, we are gathering all the feedback on the new pages and we'll try to include some of them in one of the next releases ;)

Thanks for the most amazing condenser for steem... you're really at the peak!

Technically not a 'condenser' clone but thanks :D

Okee... I like to learn. How do you call it technically Sir @asgarth

Steempeak is a frontends for the steem blockchain, but it is not based on condenser. It has been built from scratch.

Thanks for all this... really awesome work! Steempeak Forever! hehe

BTW... You got this awesome "hidden" future for posts... any chanc
e this is coming like timed... so a post is automatically hidden after a chosen time? Thanks for your answer!

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

You guys are amazing! Things I have never thought of that are so cool. Thanks!

:) there a bug with the movement of comments when you upvote? Was just reading comments and upvoting some in the comment section of this post, ordered by reward, and yet when I'm upvoting, the posts are moving down.

I've noticed this too and doing some checks. Hopefully I'll find the issue soon ;)

Hopefully I've found and fixed the issue. Let me know if you see it happening again ;)

Wow, these updates are amazing! Steempeak is becoming a powerhouse now. You guys rock! No other frontend can compete with you.

Thanks ;)

I already love it!
When are you going to make it easy to share posts to social media? That's the only reason I still use Steemit, to be honest.(Though I really wish SteemConnect would become more user-friendly again. I much preferred their old connectors.)

I added an option to share a post some time ago:


But maybe it's hidden too well :D

Got it! Thanks.

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

These release notes read like a damn dream! lol It's sad how excited I get about all these features, SBI in wallet, yes please, scot token value epicness (Now if I could claim it from steempeak I'd be in heaven lol)

This list function is my favourite though, it reminds me of Google+ circles which was probably one of the best things about that platform.

I'm starting to use steempeak more and more, the only thing I still use Partiko for is keeping track of mentions when people @ me, I haven't yet seen that in steempeak activities

Thanks. Adding more Steem Engine related operations in the wallet is already planned ;)

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  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

and this is connected with steempeaks great development how?

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

no need for hate.

Awesome developments!! Congrats @steempeak 💯🙌 please continue with that incredible pace working on simple but powerful features @asgarth! Increases not only functionality, but also restores hope in Steem itself. When will it finally have impact on the price?!? Can't believe how undervalued this is from an investor's POV 😲🤯

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Thanks, we'll try to release more useful updates in the coming months ;)

Pretty cool features update, and glad to know the visit from Chinese network is ready.

Another feature request: Is it possible to add Chinese locales for internalization strings in steempeak? If needed, we could find someone to help with the translation.

Yes, localization is on our roadmap but not something we plan to do in the next month. I'll let you know when we start working on that ;)

cool. thanks!

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@asgarth This is so great! Please add sorting function to user list. (e.g., by username, sp, etc)

Thanks. This would be great but unfortunately not something easily available using the standard API: I'll see if I can enable this using Hivemind.

Thank you and another suggestions is improving reloading. As you may know, most update is slower than other UIs, e.g., reply, post edit, vote count.

This may be for efficiency, but sometimes it's too slow. Thanks!

I'm not sure to have correctly understood this one. Can you explain it a bit more?

Hi @asgarth,

it was about contents refreshing. e.g. sometimes, when I write a reply or edit something, those changes are not effective immediately.

btw, what about increasing max num of tags? Nitrous & Busy (I changed it Busy now supports 12 tags for SCOT tokens / est account value fix / multiple links bug fix) already support more than 5 tags. I know that Steem API doesn't officially support more than 5, it's inevitable due to SCOT tokens. Thanks.

Hi, are you using the default API endpoint (steemit) or

Allowing more tags is already planned for the next release ;)

default API endpoint. so I guess it's because it's not a hive server, so there is a delay. am i right?

great to hear that more tags are already planned. Thanks.

beautiful update! I haven't gone through it all yet, but excited to see where you guys keep going from here! An iOS app would be quite lovely... Just saying... I don't think anyone is working on Parkito, which is really the only decent iOS option, so just throwing it out there... lol! Anyway, great job!

We are working on a better mobile version of SteemPeak. Meanwhile using the current website on the phone should not be so weird ;)

I finally know how many SBI Shares I have :D

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

There is a bot on discord that will tell you as well.

Ok, I didn't know that.
Also now I don't need that :D

Steemit, what's that?
Seriously though, in the non crypto world you already would have been bought and Steemit's DNS would point to you.

Having more options available is always a good thing for the community ;)

I realize they are concentrating on the back end of STEEM right now, but feature-wise you've left them in the dust on the front end. I'm sure at some point they will shift focus to the front end, and we'll see if you can maintain the innovation gap! Fabulous job so far.

At least lately they have admitted their front end isn't "good enough" like before

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My Steem Power = 24853.94
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

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Nice to see constant improvements.

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

I've started using steempeak only a few days ago, and wondering why haven't I started sooner. The amount of options and info that you have here is amazing! Great job guys!

Thanks, join our discord channel if you haven't already for feedback and suggestions.

Will do!

Thank you for this update. I love it!

Next step a mobile app!

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We'll let you know when we are ready for that ;)

You guys have the best Steemit interface ever, am so amazed yesterday when I saw the sbi status update. That's very cool. You guys are doing great.

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@steempeak is better and better: thanks, @asgarth!

I particularly love the SBI balance: did you see it, @josephsavage?

Yes, of course! We made some API improvements to support this feature and gave a little input on wording and appearance.

Well done, guys! B-)

Looking forward to utilising these features!

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Suggested users page

I assume this is probably auto-generated...but when I was first reading it...I thought you actually meant like users get to suggest users with JSON...perhaps to friends or in general. I think that might be a nice addition. Of course, users could just spam it with you would have to have filters on it. But, if I found an awesome new user that I thought people should follow, rather than just resteeming their content, maybe I could suggest them to my followers. Perhaps even suggest them under a category/list.

Likewise, there's an idea that I had a while ago, to suggest posts to your friends, as in for curation. Currently the only thing built into Steem is a Resteem. But you don't always want Resteems clogging up your page. If you could suggest posts, which would then perhaps appear as a single line that you can click to expand, perhaps that would be beneficial to curation.

We added an option to show 'Featured' posts at the top of your feed. This is similar to what's available on and will be used to highlight some interesting posts (like this one :D).

Be very careful. What you choose to highlight represents you and your team. I personally believe Steemit has made some mistakes in what they have chosen to feature during some of the few times I've gone to their site recently.

But there's also power in this. There are many things you could do with this.

Avoid re-ordering comments after upvote

I hope this is optional... Or that there are plans to use JS/dhtml to reload or reorder the comments. The main effect that minnows have with upvotes is to reorder comments. I can upvote a comment in a post, ensuring it gets more views, rather than a comment that I may view as lower quality. I can't give anyone the upvote that I wish I could. The most I can give is a penny for their thoughts, or two. At least I can move some comments up though.

Allow embedded music in posts

Awesome! Anything you guys can do to help creators share their work!

Now I'm going to go upvote the comments and reorder them, because that's one of the most effective things I can do as a minnow.

Suggested users page
I like the idea and probably we'll be able to do something similar allowing user to share some of their lists with others.

We added an option to show 'Featured' posts at the top of your feed
We'll do our best :D

Avoid re-ordering comments after upvote
This happens only when you cast the vote. If you reload the page or force a refresh everything will be ordered as usual.

Allow embedded music in posts
Thanks ;)

I love it. Thanks!

You perfected the portofolio view! Thanks loads!

You guys are awesome.

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Thanks ;)

Can it get any better?
It just did 😊
Love love love @steempeak

Great work guys. Love what' you've done with the place. I guess it's time to take a look around and see what kind of havoc I can make.

Steempeak has been ahead of the curve for a while.
Love seeing all the new improvements being made, awesome work guys!

Thanks ;D

Outstanding ~ you're the best of the best and no one does it better! Now the moonshot can happen!


You are killing it :))

LOve all these improvements keep up the good work

Amazing work!!

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Thanks !!

Awesome changes, I like to see how quickly you guys are growing.

Awesome changes, love to see how quickly you guys are updating.

Thanks. Less sleep and lots of coffee is our secret :D

BTW I'll be travelling next week so the next update will take a bit more time.

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  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you, I'm really looking forward to using lists.

As am i ... don't forget it's not just a list... it's a list with a feed for that list. including people you don't follow officially on the blockchain


yep twitter is probably the most well known system for lists. I've personally been using lists on facebook a lot as well and that was kind of the main premise behind Gplus back in the day... that you could group people and view content divided by those groups.

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

I am so lucky with this new release.The new features are very good good and I will test it n the evening. Best Regards Michael

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That's Amazing!

😊 Is there a toggle night mode for steempeak?

Yes, in your settings. Or use this direct link:

Thanks a lot!!!

Awesome update :)

Let's have a look if it works for me as well

This post need a detailed read to understand all the changes. So this reply is to track later.

But from a casual read it looks great!!

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great change - you are great

Thank you guys you make this user experience way better!!