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Political Conflict and Peace at a Saturday of Early Summer in Seoul Metropolitan

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Here I gather the previous posts relating to the scenes happened in Seoul city. I posted a daily basis, so the posts I wrote were inevitably hard to understand. In my thought, it would be more helpful to merge the posts into one.

In this post, I'd like to arrange a day's scenes what I came across at the centre of Seoul metropolitan. There was a political demonstration but in the midst of that demonstration, children were playing on the fountain square.

It looked like there coexisted the political conflict and the peace of Children.

Preparation for the Demonstration in the Center of Seoul Downtown.

t was a Saturday when I came across the demonstration of old aged folks to protest against the politics of the ruling party. The ruling party in Korea has a tendency to the progressive direction. Naturally, the protesters are very strong conservatives. One of the most critical points of both parties is supposed to the politics relating to North Korea.

The progressive ruling party's tried to engage North Korea, on the contrary, the conservative opposition party'd like to contain North Korea from outer world.

There is a depth of abyss between 2 political parties. In my opinion, it is not easy to mitigate this difference of political view point.

preparations for the demonstrations

Here I'd like to show some photos I took in the center of Seoul city. There are lots of photos, so in this post, I'd like to post the scene that people were gathering to begin to march for the demonstration.

People gathered were mainly old aged folks.

Children's Peace in the Square

The grown-ups were getting ready for a demonstration. In the meantime, the children were playing in the water around the fountain in the square. The children were running around in an innocent way. I watched the children play water in the square. What if we could look at the world like children? There will be no reason to conflict and fight with each other. 

Preparations were going well for the demonstration around the children's play, but the children were enjoying the water regardless of the circumstances. I took a picture of the children. Recalling my childhood.

Adults gathered to participate in the demonstration were also watching the children play in the water. In the midst of a serious political conflict, the children were playing peacefully.

The Demonstration finally has begun.

Finally, the demonstration parade has begun. The parade was supposed to be organized very deliberately. The first was the huge national flags of Korea and America.

Korean conservatives tend to believe that America is the bulwark of their conservative beliefs. The conservativism in Korea is focused on the security matters relating to North Korea. The Korean War was caused by the provocation of North Korea in 1950. For 3 years of war, U.S.A had fought against the provocation of Noth Korea and the intervention by Communist China. Without the help of U.S.A, South Korea would not have been survived. So most of the old aged generation didn't forget the support of U.S.A during the Korean war and the reconstruction after the War.


The bike went ahead of the flags as a convoy. It looked like the demonstration parade was the festival for the old folks.

The marching band was followed after the flags.

The vehicle for the propaganda was followed by the loudspeaker.

One thing interesting was a small group of discussion and debate by the street. They cheered each other up for the accusations against the ruling party.

The parade ended peacefully.

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I am trying to understand your story sir,i love reading this kind of long english wroted post because i can learned some english words that i needed to learn..

God Bless!

I do hope that even the Koreas would not merge again because North Korea is not ready as their citizens are already brainwashed and may disrupt the everyday lives of South Korea @slowwalker

children always find their way even in the tough time

I hope and don't think you were not the only one noticing the two demonstrations of peace going on at the same time. Hopefully the children touched others hearts and minds for a deeper thought to the day.

That is good that you summarized the event in one posts, unfortunately due to my work last few days I was not able to read the posts and that is why it is good to have the events together here. It is a peaceful parade and many older generation are actively taking part in it. People would like to show that they care and that is great. The pictures of children playing in those hot days with water something that always makes me smile. We are different we are all the same the children even if they do not speak the language of others will understand each other without words. They are open and do not care what nationality the other child is or what religion, if they have same interest they just play. Beautiful selection of pictures and story of the event :)

Oh, if only the elders would listen to the children, no? Innocent and living life well. It is so hard to watch the demonstrations while the children are at play.

I like that you combined all of the demonstrations posts together and linked them for a better understanding. I also went to the Steempress link you left and thank you!! Everything is there!

That was awesome! Thank you!

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