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SteemWorld Update ~ Surviving The Bear Market

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As I (SteemWorld) cannot survive for much longer with the given STEEM price, I need to take action now. So, I started a steemd instance (with MIRA enabled) on my dedicated machine and will enable my witness in the coming days. I don't want to be an auto-witness out of a pre-packaged box, so I decided to build all things that I need myself.

I know that MIRA might not (yet) be the way to go for a witness, because replay times take a bit over 3 days (in my case), but I want to use it anyway. In any case, I want to use MIRA in the future for the SteemWorld back-end, so I think it's a good idea to work with and experience its behaviour now already. Learning by doing is always the best way for me.

If I should miss blocks or experience any difficulties while running it on that (just slightly busy) machine, I will think about other solutions. Fact is, I cannot afford an additional server, so it has to work.

The good thing is, that I now can receive blocks and other data that I need for the SteemWorld databases directly from localhost and don't need to rely on other nodes anymore. In my tests it worked perfectly (so fast!) so far and I begin to love this thing called 'MIRA' :)

As I saw recently, Steemit has been working on a Rewards API/Plugin for steemd and maybe I can use this in future to improve the loading times for the coming rewards. Being able to see the coming curation rewards with a click in a few seconds? Exciting times ahead!

Maybe I can even build my own plugins for steemd, so that the front-end devs out there don't need to reinvent the wheel again and again... Maybe I can implement my planned SDS (at least partially) directly inside the node, so that we could use a compressed but at the same time fast readable and writable block_log...

I'm broke, but at the same time I am very fascinated about the new possibilities :)

More news to come soon.

Steem On!



We are all suffering through the STEEM bear market. If the community pulls together we can survive this bear market just as we have done in past bear markets.

I greatly appreciate the SteemWorld app. I rely on it throughout my day.

As a small token of my appreciation, I transferred 150 STEEM to you to help with your endeavors.

Steem on,

I started during the bull market and thought, hey that's easy but I'm pushing through and trying to use these times to develop something which will explode during the next bull run!

In 2016 I joined SteemIt when the price of STEEM was high. I accumulated during the down-turn that took the price of STEEM down to the $0.06 USD area. Having a long-term view worked for me.

Keep a long-term view but also be a wise investor!

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thank you so much for using our service! Congratulations! You've earned an ROI of 110.11% with bids of: 0.143$

Received 82.69% upvote from @onlyprofitbot courtesy of @etcmike!

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* Please note you do not have to key in [] for the command to work, APR can be affected by STEEM prices

You got a 49.58% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @etcmike!

Not sure if I would call this a bear market.....

Hey, @donchate.

I'm kind of the same opinion, but I'm wondering about your reasoning. If it's not a bear market, what would you call it?

You got a 43.04% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @etcmike!

Thank you so much for using our service! Congratulations! You've earned an ROI of 110.11% with bids of: 0.144$

Received 80.70% upvote from @onlyprofitbot courtesy of @etcmike!

Want to earn more with us? Our APR can reach as high as
17% or more!

More portion of profit will be given to delegators, as the SP pool grows!

Comment below or any post with "@opb !delegate [DelegationAmount]" to find out about current APR, estimated daily earnings in SBD/STEEM

You can now also make bids by commenting "@opb !vote post [BidAmount] [SBD|STEEM]" on any post without the hassle of pasting url to memo!

* Please note you do not have to key in [] for the command to work, APR can be affected by STEEM prices

"I'm broke, but at the same time I am very fascinated about the new possibilities :)"
I don't know what about you guys (the other readers of this blog post), but it is so sad to see one of the best Steem developers "broke".
I hope that you (@steemchiller) will not shut down the SteemWorld in the future (as long as the Steem Blockchain is working) because of financial reasons.
SteemWorld is one of the best Steem tools in my opinion (after Steemd), and THE best Steem tool by many other people's opinion.
It is also so sad and surprising (in a bad way) that you are not getting enough financial support from the Steem community for the SteemWorld.
I am a minnow, and I gave a 100% upvote (worth about $0.008 at the time of the upvoting) to this blog post after 4 minutes 57 seconds from posting, and I wrote this comment from SteemPeak, and I set you (@steemchiller) for the beneficiaries (90%).
I will keep only 10% from the rewards of this comment, if it will earn anything.

I have a witness slot reserved for you. Hope you will not lose money on the witness server.

I would echo other peoples thoughts - becoming a witness is not a reliable funding method, and many people going down this path stand to lose money not make it.

Please consider making an SPS proposal for funding, I would vote it (and lobby for MSP/PAL to do the same) - we can't lose steemworld , most of us use it daily :)

I cannot support voting for a witness running multiple public services from single producing node. Please, if funding is what you need - use the SPS

great service, steemi inc should send you soem cash

There are only 50 or so profitable witness lots and most witnesses will end up net negative (without even factoring in labor).

Some witness should could a SPS proposal to get him funded...

He would need to make his own proposal, it is not up to witnesses or anyone else for that matter to do so. I suggested it many times publically he should rather than these posts.

A witness would be the last thing I'd do for funding for it. It will likely end up costing money and the time and effort will remove any chance of profiting from it. I'd rather see him developing (which he is very good at) than maintaining witness server(s).

But I guess his chance for funding will increase if someone with an established brand and name (high ranking witnesses for example) would make the post. At least that is my perception so far for the SPS.

SteemWorld is well known by everyone here and far more popular than me.

I have to agree on that one.
Running a witness is not a good way for funding things. Block rewards are mean to be a reward for supporting security & reliability of the network doing... witness things.
SPS is a great tool to made to fund such things (including development SBDS equivalent, etc)

I use a dedicated server, which I need to pay for anyway, so there cannot be a loss on my side. If the current price should stay for longer, I would need to make a powerdown again, which I want to avoid as long as I can, because it could kill me completely and all the time I've spent on Steem would have been for nothing.

Therefore I think with the witness node I can add a bit of extra rewards to my wallet for the worst case scenario. SPS rewards rely on huge whale votes, so it is not a guaranteed source of income. I need to get 7.5 M SP votes... ^^

Nevertheless I have planned to make a proposal soon. First, I need to make sure that I can survive.

SPS rewards rely on huge whale votes, so it is not a guaranteed source of income. I need to get 7.5 M SP votes... ^^

You probably will receive a lot more support than you think you would.

One of the first rules of being a witness is not to run any other software on your witness box.

I see no problem in that, because I created an extra user for that and the other part of the system does not have access to the files.

Sounds like someone wants to prevent me from being a witness :)

I have requested you to use #steemleo tag. #steemleo is one of the most successful tribes and holding its value among the tribe tokens. I would love to support your project with 10 LEO (almost one Steem) upvote weekly. I have plan for buing more LEO too. I believe there will be more upvotes from the #steemleo community.

I encourage you to start your witness server.

No, I want to prevent you from being a witness for the wrong reasons.

I personally rather see you do an SPS proposal, I would personally vote it.

Publish your Witness server and count my vote to you.


I am just going spit this as a maybe ok?

I agree at the security and quality of service level to @gtg and @themarkymark, simply because I have been there too and I am an Infrastructure person, so I know what can go wrong, especially when you are at that level, where your position is relatively secure in the 21 TOP.

At the same time, I love your determination and your software. Just like I enjoy the quality of @jesta that is now focused on EOS (not here to judge where anyone should be).

So, why shouldn't witnesses, in general, help each other here? I know everyone's business is everyone's own problem, but @steemchiller has more than proven to be an awesome developer. Maybe negotiate resources? Or something else... I mean, if you talk to each other, would that hurt (I have actually seen some situations where that actually happened, but those guys were crazy anyway...)?

It would hurt me to see @steemchiller work motivation go away on STEEM. Along with him, many influenced ones will go too... I am guessing (maybe I am wrong).

An SPS is a right path in my view too @steemchiller. And maybe to secure your immediate situation, negotiate with two obvious worried witnesses, @gtg and @themarkymark. =)

I will continue to do my own thing... small but does not cost me anything besides the time that I am happy to give away until I can. It's a personal thing to me, so I do care also, even not having the resources (for now) to support a Witness, mostly because of the same problem many have, which is to justify the effort+real costs of a server.

Well, sure, but I'd expect him to be one of the fifty. As you mentioned, he's very popular.

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Thank you for your invaluable work.

SteemWorld is essential in navigating Steemit - posts, my comments, payouts, etc.

Mach doch einfach jeden Tag einen Post, ich bin sicher wir voten dich alle 💪

ja!! oder halt 2 mal die Woche aber nutz doch etwas den Support den du hast.

Ich lese ab und an mal in den Kommentaren mit und lese von Leuten die quasi darum betteln mehr von dir voten zu können.

Lieber @steemchiller,
da Du keinen Kopp mehr für die deutsche Übersetzung hast, habe ich das getan und erlaube mir, es hier als Antwort zu posten. Das mit der Pleite kann ich gut nachvollziehen. Wer voll auf den Steem gesetzt hat, ist schon lange angeschmiert. Ich habe einen Server bei Strato laufen und biete dir an, den zu nutzen. Dann hast du die Server-Kosten vom Hals und die Hände etwas freier für die Nahrunssuche. Denk drüber nach!

Hier kommt die Übersetzung deines Artikels für die Steemians aus #deutsch, die DeepL noch nicht kennen:


Da ich (SteemWorld) mit dem bestehenden Preis nicht mehr viel länger überleben kann, muss ich jetzt handeln. Also habe ich eine Steemd-Instanz (mit aktiviertem MIRA) auf meinem dedizierten Rechner gestartet und werde meinen Witness in den nächsten Tagen aktivieren. Ich will kein Autowitness aus einer vorgepackten Box sein, also habe ich mich entschieden, alles selbst zu bauen, was ich brauche.

Ich weiß, dass MIRA (noch) nicht der richtige Weg für einen Zeugen ist, denn die Wiedergabezeiten dauern etwas mehr als 3 Tage (in meinem Fall), aber ich möchte es trotzdem verwenden. Auf jeden Fall möchte ich MIRA in Zukunft für das SteemWorld Backend nutzen, also halte ich es für eine gute Idee, mit ihm zu arbeiten und sein Verhalten bereits jetzt zu studieren. Lernen durch Tun ist für mich immer der beste Weg.

Wenn ich Blöcke verpassen sollte oder Schwierigkeiten beim Betrieb auf dieser (nur leicht ausgelasteten) Maschine habe, werde ich über andere Lösungen nachdenken. Tatsache ist, dass ich mir keinen zusätzlichen Server leisten kann, also muss er funktionieren.

Das Gute daran ist, dass ich jetzt Blöcke und andere Daten, die ich für die SteemWorld-Datenbanken benötige, direkt von localhost empfangen kann und mich nicht mehr auf andere Knoten verlassen muss. In meinen Tests hat es bisher perfekt funktioniert (so schnell!) und ich fange an, dieses Ding namens'MIRA' zu lieben :)

Wie ich vor kurzem gesehen habe, hat Steemit an einer Rewards API/Plugin für steemd gearbeitet und vielleicht kann ich dies in Zukunft nutzen, um die Ladezeiten für die kommenden Belohnungen zu verbessern. In der Lage sein, die kommenden Kurationsbelohnungen mit einem Klick in wenigen Sekunden zu sehen? Spannende Zeiten liegen vor uns!

Vielleicht kann ich sogar meine eigenen Plugins für steemd erstellen, so dass die Frontend-Entwickler da draußen das Rad nicht immer wieder neu erfinden müssen...... Vielleicht kann ich mein geplantes SDS (zumindest teilweise) direkt im Knoten implementieren, so dass wir ein komprimiertes, aber gleichzeitig schnell lesbares und beschreibbares block_log verwenden können.....

Ich bin pleite, aber gleichzeitig bin ich sehr fasziniert von den neuen Möglichkeiten :)

Weitere Neuigkeiten folgen in Kürze.
Steem On!

Neben allem Übel (Hey, wir lassen dich bestimmt nicht verhungern!) freue ich mich, deinem Beitrag viel Positives entnehmen zu können!
Ist ja wohl klar, dass du bei mir nicht auf Witness-Stimmenfang gehen musst, insofern nur alles Gute für dein Vorhaben! Toi, toi, toi, dass das "MIRA-Dingens" auch außerhalb der Testläufe so perfekt und schnell funktioniert!
Liebe Grüße,

Lieber Chiller,

sagst du dann bitte in der Kneipe oder bei mir Bescheid, wenn man dich wählen kann?

Kannst du dich auch selbst wählen?
Ich frage, da du bei mir als Proxy eingetragen bist.

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Ja, man kann sich auch selbst wählen und die Proxy-Votes würden auch so funktionieren ;)
Ich bin allerdings schon wieder ein Stückchen weiter und gerade dabei meinen SPS-Artikel zu schreiben. Es macht wirklich zunächst mehr Sinn für mich SPS als Einkommensquelle zu verwenden, daher weiß ich noch nicht, ob ich die Witness-Node in nächster Zeit überhaupt starten werde.

You have my vote for witness as soon as you announce its start! I cannot see my journey without your great efforts and development!

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I've been noticing an oddity with SteemWorld.

When it is left running in a tab (which I do all the time), the curation for the last few days in the top triples. If I hit refresh, it shows normal again.

Thanks for the hint! I will have a look when I'm done with my current update.

I support you in your journey! You are clearly dedicated to Steem and providing immense value to all our experiences without earning enough for all that you do. I do believe you would also make a huge chance of getting an SPS proposal through which would support your work daily/weekly/monthly. Building up a witness takes time and (more) effort to make it profitable - maybe? But as I said: I'm supporting you anyway, and I believe many will :-) Cheers!

Ich wünsche dir beste Erfolge.
Da meine Voting-Power nur noch ein paar Cent beträgt, hab ich dir ein Steem-Monster Vote gesponsert.
Meine Zeugen-Stimme ist dir sicher!

Don't worry about what people say, being a witness is a greater calling and an honour to serve the Steem chain and community, it will take a long time to get into the top 50 and even longer to get higher than top 30. I think what people are saying is that don't rely on a witness to pay for your project, the SPS is better for that.

Sorry to hear you are broke. I hope the witness thing works out for you. In the meantime I have upvoted this post using my steem, marlians and palnet accounts. If you use the neoxian and steemleo tags too I can upvote you in those tribes. I have also added you as a 10% beneficiary of my daily freewrite posts. It isn't a lot, but I hope it helps to know that we are supporting you in whatever ways we can.

You are doing a great work, i hope you can continue with it. Just keep the good vibes, stay focused and keep good people around you.
You have my support/upvote/resteem.
Please keep the faith Pal.

Somehow late.. but here you go mate. A bit more of help!

Finally you are starting a Witness Node. Great to know. My Dolphin vote will be there for you. As @ew-and-patterns suggested SPS won't be a bad idea either. Please give it a try. We need more developers like you.
Best of Luck!

Well @steemchiller ...

"Learning by doing is always the best way for me."

... we certainly share this in common. But, it is concerning to read this post, if I were to be honest, as it sounds as though there are several caveats in it which may or may not turn out in your favor.

Whatever the future may hold, though, in setting up a new Witness server, I know you will be giving it your best effort. I hope you will be seriously considering and successful in leveraging the work and experience base of others, who have gone ahead of you. To maximize your chances ... Setting up a Witness server is one thing - I believe you will (or at least you should ...) generate a lot of support, if you make an announcement.

Having it prove to be a profitable venture is an entirely different matter. I do not have the experience base of others. But from what I have read through my 1-½ year "journey" in here is that many desire this outcome, but few achieve it.

Whatever happens, you have my full support!

You have created one of the most valuable tools of our chain, and you will get my vote as a witness even if there'll be missed blocks and technical problems in the beginning.

I hope it works out for you @steemchiller, as you provide one of the very best things in the entire Steem infrastructure. I know is widely used and appreciated, so it is very sad to see you always being at the edge of broke.

A suggestion, if I may: with the growth of all the Steem-Engine based tribes, I would suggest you start using tags for more of them, because your service is relevant to ALL and sometimes people can give you a larger vote from a tribe than for Steem proper. For example, my Steem vote is worth $0.005; my CreativeCoin vote is worth about $0.053. It all adds up. You would be one of the rare "exceptions" where I would support "tag farming."

In any case, you have my small 100% upvote, and good luck and positive vibes!


I think your work is invaluable. Have you considered applying for a delegation or submitting a SBD distribution proposal?

I would love to see him get paid by the SPS. But right now the SPS is still in its baby stage and highly dependant on whale votes. I think it needs time to mature and time for dolphins to consistently vote for the proposals. He could try to apply for longterm funding anyway, but it not very likely that he will get in the next two months.

Hey there @steemchiller. For some reason my vote value displayed is almost halved. Anyone mentioned that yet or is it a bug on my end?

Now after the HF21, your vote value depends on the payout of the voted post. Since SteemWorld cannot predict, which post you will vote, it now shows the vote amount for a post that got no other votes yet (payout = 0).

There is a new Sim. Payout button below the Simulate SP button, where you can change the payout. It is not 100% accurate yet, because I'm still working on it, but for most users it should work quite well already. I would suggest to just play around with it for some time. The amount that you defined in there will be stored in cache, so it will persist when reloading the page.

One thing I want to add:
Keep in mind that you always vote the full (with your account/vp possible) rshares and that the vote's value increases also with later votes from other voters, therefore it's really hard to predict the final vote value now.

I think the vote values are adjusting for the reduced price of STEEM and SBD. The average SBD price seems to be going below $0.80 USD.

Our vote values will improve again when STEEM and SBD prices recover.

Steem on,

Wasn’t looking like that yesterday...nad the prices haven’t changed that much since yesterday...

My vote value haven’t changed. Just the number displayed on steemworld did

You got a 43.15% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @etcmike!

Wow! Nice one for information, and all you that participate to @xpilar post

Hopefully your Pal tokens go up in value soon. Maybe you can use them to help pay expenses.

I really love your ideas, they're great, I will surpport your project in my Own little way, just keep us posted.

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Get that witness node up and running. All the fishies will vote for you and luckily will get on the top 20. I hope that helps you with steemworld somehow. It will be a terrible loss if steemworld is gone!

yes thats absolutely right @blacklux without that amazing tool working is not possible, not for me, @steemchiller you can count on my vote ;)
Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Lieber Chiller,

noch mal ich ...

Hast du etwas an den Einstellungen geändert?

In den Account Operations war es meines Wissens nach bisher so, dass eine geöffnete Zeile sich schloss, wenn man eine andere Zeile angeklickt hat.

Jetzt bleibt die geöffnete Zeile allerdings auch geöffnet.

Täusche ich mich, oder war das vorher anders?

Ich hab' dir wegen eines kurzen Tratsches auch eine E-Mail über den Steemit-Chat geschickt.

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Just make an SPS proposal for whatever you need, it will definitely get funded.

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Your site is great and more of us need to support you!

Hello @steemchiller I read all your publication and it sounds very sad.

But at the same time it sounds very motivational because you are showing some lightness to yourself.

Still fighting, everything will be ok, we are a huge community and many people can help to your project.

I’m still a minnow area and my SP is very low but I can give my 100% upvote..

So, let’s do it right now..



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Upvoted for you mate steem world is amazing hope you can keep it going!!

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Love using Steemworld @steemchiller , Best of luck to you moving forward! upped 💯 and resteemed.😎👍

hmmm newbie here... :P
Can you explain what a bear market and a bull market is? I can see the SteemDollar is lower than a little while ago and I can see the value of my account fell 30%...
As the others have said, hope you can hold on and weather the storm. :)

Like the stock market in a bear prices go down, in a bull, prices soar.

thank you very much. :)

"I'm broke, but at the same time I am very fascinated about the new possibilities :)"
I don't know what about you guys (the other readers of this blog post), but it is so sad to see one of the best Steem developers "broke".
I hope that you (@steemchiller) will not shut down the SteemWorld in the future (as long as the Steem Blockchain is working) because of financial reasons.
SteemWorld is one of the best Steem tools in my opinion (after Steemd), and THE best Steem tool by many other people's opinion.(i liked your pust,,,and i am heppy

I only recently really discovered steemworld but have come to love it and look at it probably, at least, every other day. I greatly appreciate you putting it together. Hopefully my smallish vote can help.


I’ve been using your services on Steem world for a while but haven’t checked your account out until recently, sorry about that!

Loving the work you do to make this environment easier for us all. I’ll try to give you my meager upvote when I can!

Sent 5 STEEM for support and I will continue to have the back of this awesome project, keep it afloat!

Also, I found that I could not use the "Create New Account" faeture from claimed ticket via SteemConnect (" Oops, something went wrong. The signing URL provided is invalid. ") or Keychain (broadcast was made was nothing is created.

I thank you and I see that Steemit has new support protocols even though you was on the Steemit Blockchain seen before hardfork 22 I feel you truly deserve a Steemit Grant you are brilliant and we love your program that's so awesome I said to myself and he do it for free listen this is like a Steemit Blockchain/information center you have our power of the people draw up the support contract and see how the Community feel about it because actions come buy rights and numbers and I can guarantee you are the most used on time stamp up the time why you can't be a Steemit investment to free your mind and develop more great programs like that whale requested giving you props of respect to not look back he not wrong accept it you still got better and you know it I feel that you deserve mainframe support but hell what do I know I type 20 words a minute so development of a program is what I suck at but you great at it thanks I mean no harm

@steemchiller so when are you going to build your own plugins :)

Please help steemit new member warn no idea

Gentleman! What do you think about steemit future?
I have heard that in 2017 it has touched 0.06$ minimum.

I think people are serious for steem token but they think like this as a compounding source.
Because, when few days back it touched 0.15$. It started moving a new height.

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Every confidence you will work through this lull and come out stronger - I use @steemworld everyday and know little of the witness end of things. Gratitude from Thailand - 100% upvote from myself and my tiny weeny trail. You are appreciated.

Wenn es soweit ist, meinen Vote hast du auf jeden Fall!

I recommend this tool to everyone. Thanks again for making this.

Ich hoffe das viele fuer dich waehlen und das du ein bisschen mehr verdienst!! Oder ganz viel mehr, wirklich.

You will have my vote as well!!!

I think you are on the right track and you will succeed, the main thing is to believe and not pay attention to not good luck!

We all experience this rough time together as a community. Though it is unfortunate that we have to face this bear market, that doesn't mean its the end-game. With a new resurgence in the global market for cryptos, perhaps we could see Steem hold its own much like in the late 2017/early 2018 bull run. I wish everyone the best though, let's fight together!

I might no make a great difference but as soon as you get your witness on I will vote for you. Most likely there are hundreds of small fishes that thinks the way I do and you might get a top 50 spot at least. Hopefully some of the big guys could also back you as well and make you comfortable enough and financial sustainability to keep creating amazing tools for our beloved platform.

Thank you for Steemworld and all your hard work @steemchiller. It's much appreciated.

Klasse Job machst du!!

Bitte immer weiter machen!!

Lieben Gruß

100% upvote and resteemed! Keep on!

Thanks for all that you do, @steemchiller!

Dang man, steemworld is my go-to, for the creator to say the wells about tapped speaks volumes.

Thanks @steemchiller. You got my vote.

Upvoted...perhaps you would like to take a look at my channel, I compiled a lot of valuable information there which might help you in various ways. For example, by simply inclining your bed, you can improve your health for free etc..

Kudos to all do, SteemWorld is an awesome tool that I use daily shame to hear about your financial situation... hope u get some whales love and more support from the community. Thank u to all u do

This is sad and I suppose not completely unexpected. Hang in there, Steemworld has no competition in its field whatsoever, and without Steemworld it would be like steem losing a limb.

I can help with a dedicated server or more, hit me on discord #6382 if you think I could help. I'm new but I want to get involved.

I use everyday and will definitely give you one of my witness votes. If everyone who has voted on this post gives you a witness vote, you might have a chance to offset some of your server costs.

Good luck

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Everything was already said by others. Hope Steemworld doesn't disappear one day. You will surely have my witness vote and I will push everyone to do vote as well.

goog luck as witness ...

You have my vote as soon as you're ready to receive it!

This post has been resteemed!

When you begin your Witness node, I will vote you.
Keep us posted.

Thanks for the post.

Wish you luck. SteemWorld is one of the services I use occasionally and I'll be so sad if it gone.

100% upvote on this post for what it's worth to you. I would also support you if when you get your witness server set up and running. is amazing and something I use every few days. Let me know if you do have a Proposal for support. I would vote on that too!

this post made more $$$ than I made last month, if you are broke you really need to get out of steem and maybe do something else

This post made ~ 33.16 USD author rewards so far ;) I don't know weekends, parties and much distractions anymore, because I'm building my future with this and I'm fully focused on my goal.

What we focus on is what becomes powerful.