The Battle for Britain - by Paul Golding

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'The Battle for Britain' details the horrific persecution Britain First leader Paul Golding has suffered at the hands of the British establishment.
'The Battle for Britain' is an epic struggle against extreme odds to survive in the face of terror threats and an unparalleled campaign of state persecution.
This shocking and brutal story is a must read for all patriots and nationalists...

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It’s not going great in Britain. We love Great Britain not the the Britain it is becoming

We are happy that deserving content are now on the top of the trending page. Keep up the good work @threespeak @oracle-d @theycallmedan... :D

Have you actually watched this? Don't bother answering. I know the answer is no. You are simply ass kissing for votes

Well it worked I guess. Trifling! Difficult dapp for mobile

OH, uh Yankee here, well a, yank that lives in Muslim majority country with no issues. I have no dog in your fight to, well I dunno, I guess you want to reclaim the whiteness of the place you happened to slide out of your mum's ass crack. I've never been to your dreary country and have no intention to visit really either but if you lose this futile battle I might be tempted to celebrate your defeat. Attempting to evoke Churchill or the ancestors in your cause is laughable. The future is brown and definitely has better teeth than you do. Your grill is proof alone that there might be a bit of inbreeding in your blood you are so proud of.

Live a little, mix it up, your progeny( God forbid you're in fact a breeder) could surely deal with some genetic diversity. The Golding genes look to have hit a wall. I get that misery loves company but break the chains you miserable tosser, have yourself a curry and look around and you'll see you have already lost.

Americans, white,black, and brown, along with the other colorful people Britain colonised and fought alongside to defeat the Reich didn't die to keep your land mass white and privileged for you. It's good that you've found a platform that's not censoring you so that I can tell you you're an idiot..

Why can't I edit my comments? Sigh anyway, *you're so proud

Mate, you're a star :-)

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The side effect if politics I didn't like

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