Work Day W/Broncnutz **EPDM Rubber Roofing**

in threespeak •  3 months ago 

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You think you work a hard day? This is REALLY HARD work! Tearing off a 3 layer flat roof is miserable and dirty.......not to mention it's Hell Hot outside right now.

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I would die of heat up there

Shit... I bet that was hot as hell...

Much respect for having the capacity to endure tasks like this. It definitely seems like hard work. At the very least, due to the heat, miserable work.

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You work Bro?? that's unreal!

Good to see you on that hard working, some of the tough job, you got it.

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Nice... you are so versatile... OG indeed !

hard work enjoyed best with team work and that's great to see seems so hot out there

Trying to imagine how hot it seems on top of there, however it seems like you got it definitely covered really. The footage coverage was definitely amazing though. Sweet shoot

“Watch out for the nails”

Was that drone footage?

It’s oddly satisfying to watch work like that be completed.

I bought my first home this week and had my first Home Depot trip, and all of a sudden I find myself drawn to buildings and the history of them.

So excited about becoming the next tool belt diva.

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You look like a regular Tom Sawyer, except its a black roof and not a white fence.

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Hello @brontnuzt, how are you doing? I also agree with you. That is a very hard job. And the workers are very tough and strong people. Have a nice day, sir.

I Will have to look at your video but I am Watching Rene Hezhoda LIVE RIGHT now here on Steemit.........

It's great my friend! Always I saw yours videos!

I guess you got a lot of sun tan. You are very hard-working that also in that kind of weather... Respect.

Well, aren't you a jack-of-all-trades?

That is definitely a workout in the summer heat! Keep cool and stay hydrated!


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