Giving sex offenders an easy ride!.mp4

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Abusing anyone, especially someone young and impressionable, is to me the most reprehensible crime possible. The next generation are our future leaders. That said, life is never black and white but shades of gray. Many who grow up in a hugely conservative environment find it stultifying, repressive, and oppressive. Those who grow up being taught that 'sex is dirty', 'sex is wrong', etc often become adults who are not sexually well-adjusted. Yet we are made from sex so proper education is essential.

Overparenting has become epidemic in the states which is one of the big factors that contribute to skyrocketing teenage depression and suicide. Teens are stuck behind their computers and phones with fake facebook/kik/snapchat friends. Real, meaningful friendships seem almost a thing of the past due to parents and teachers who download their fears onto the youth. While I know such intentions are good and honorable, the secondary effects of a lack of proper bonds with others in one's formative years when the brain is developing can last a lifetime.

Totally agree to you. People who are supporting and watching pedophilia need to go to jail the same as a criminal. Gruesome people we have. The bible is true what was written on Jude 1:15

15 To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

The castration should not only be paid for by the paedophile but should also be carried out by them, with a saw!!

Every person that live on the earth should raise voice against. But we should identify the criminal mind we are not good for society and we should our child from them.
It’s not only the problem of an single country this is happening all over the world and day by day it is increasing with significant growth in this.
This is an big problem because children are the future and if they are unprotected from criminal minded. So it’s our and government responsibility to make strict lows and start implementing them to secure our future.

Nice to see you speaking on this topic.

This is a heinous crime .. so severe punishment should always be must !!

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I don't really think so in my own opinion.
Cool video there

I don't really think
So in my own opinion.
Cool video there

                 - adenijiadeshina

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Sure sex offender deserve an easy ride.......right down a few slight of steps or elevator shaft.

This is should be a topic of discussion for government for how to stop these kind crime. Good to see someone here talking about this kind of topic. As a people we should care about this and will make this world better. #nochildissafe

That could be interesting, considering 'some' of them are involved with that activity themselves and are doing the best to keep it hidden. Not to mention the BBC and god knows how many low ranking politicians are involved. Then you have a larges section of the public, who seem to think that child sex is 'normal' behavior. The Police try to avoid doing much about it.

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Muslims do it!! if it's ok for the prophet mohamed to do it (he married a girl when she was 6 years old and had sex with her when she was 9 years old.) Thats why the UK has a massive problem with muslim rape gangs!! what's good for the prophet mo (if it's ok for him it's ok for us) Don't get me wrong we have our own dirty bastards and when they are caught they go to prison and live life as a nonce. but when muslim gangs do it the police, local government, social services, and the labour party try to cover it up and bully and arrest people who try to expose it 10s probably 100s of thousands of children have been raped and it just sucks that these bastard so called leaders want to cover it up!!!

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