TokenBB - A Link between Steem and External Communities

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Two months after we announced the Pre-Registration for TokenBB, there has been a lot of progress.

A place for Steem Communities to gather

@drugwars has claimed their own TokenBB forum, in which battle reports can be collected and discussed. This is not only a way to have an easier overview over what's going on in the game, it also increases the gamers' feeling of community, having everything gathered in one place.

On top of that, interesting or heavily discussed fights have a much better visibility, as forum posts are ordered by "last activity" - not "highest payout", as it's common on other Steem interfaces.

High accessibility for Outside Users

We all know that to post on Steem and to use Steem user interfaces, you are required to own a Steem account.

Due to the slow free account creation via , and a frequently existing wariness against paid account services, this requirement often scares off new users that might be valuable additions to the Steem blockchain ecosystem.

TokenBB solves the issue by having a dedicated Steem account through which guest users can post before they are ready to dive in and get their own blockchain account or just wish to comment anonymously.

While it's not the guest user's own Steem account that adds the posts to the blockchain, TokenBB assigns a permanent name to the user's posts, allowing them to interact with the forum and enabling others to recognize posts from the same user.

As for the upvotes a guest user receives, one of our future plans is for BuildTeam to accumulate the STEEM earned by a guest user, until the amount is sufficient for the creation of a Steem account. The user can then choose to open their own account with their earnings.

This approach will make the onboarding of new users to the Steem blockchain a lot easier and will avoid losing those that are not yet familiar with blockchain technology.

Incoming Features

In addition to all of the already available awesome features, the future will bring even more. Next up are:

1- Custom Domains - for TokenBB forums, permitting improved branding for forum owners

  • This is being tested at the moment and is working for which is on our Platinum subscription package.
  • Custom domains will also be available on entry-level subscriptions.

2- Admin Features for big communities, which will include:

  • Category Editing (basic functionality already exists)
  • Beneficiary settings, making it possible for a community to fund itself
  • Rewarding of topic creators, to encourage engagement inside the forum
  • Forum settings

Stay tuned for updates, and register your own TokenBB forum today!

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TokenBB solves the issue by having a dedicated Steem account through which guest users can post before they are ready to dive in and get their own blockchain account or just wish to comment anonymously.

This has massive potential for applications to utilize.

Good job guys for finally bringing it in :)

This was a day one important feature of our login system. You can login with a google account, facebook account or any email and once you are ready add one or multiple Steem accounts and participate fully in this ecosystem.

We have many things planned, probably more than can be developed in reasonable time, so keep an eye out, we try to announce things after we build them :)

And any Ideas or feedback that you have is highly appreciated, we are listening to every comment and have a big todo list where we collect everything the community is telling us.

Cheers, and I know you guys are working on it all. I just keep thowing views out and perhaps some stick and get developed upon :) I am glad to see so much activity at the moment around steem despite the FUD.

Thanks for this kind of project really an great project.