Tirumala Tirupati , my trip to divine place with epitome of spirituality. Part -1.

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Tirumala Tirupati , my trip to divine place with epitome of spirituality. Part -1.

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Hello Friends and travellers

As before I shared about my plan for Tirupati trip and how I got funds..I am happy to share I have successfully completed the trip. I am both satisfied and feeling happy for execution of plan gone very well.

On 24th night , I have started to Tirupati from my home town khammam which took around 10 hours for the Journey. I booked the seats before three weeks, do the journey is very comfortable and didn't faced any hassle.

We have reached the Tirupati at around the time of morning 10 am and we went immediately to the foot of hill after completing breakfast.

There we have submitted our laguage for the temple trust. They will send the laguage to above hill while we are walking. This is free of charge and really helpful for the devotees.

There are totally 3550 steps to reach the hill. It's been very long time I have travelled any where or walked that much. So it's very much became difficult for me to walk.

We have started walking with offering prayers to God to give us strength to complete this task.

After around 400 steps my both legs started soaring and my head is spinning. This is because I was just not followed the liquid formula for to get success in this task.

I advice who ever planning for trip and to going to the above hill by steps , please avoid solid food and only in take liquids as much needed. Keep lemon water, glucose and any fruit juice or cool drink with you.

As you climb the steps your body get dehydrated as much as it takes and you need to refill your body with liquids as much as you can.

At 1000 step we took a break of 15 minutes and clicked this picture.

Also my another suggestion is just start the climbing the hill before early morning 6 'O clock so you will reach the hill before sun comes above your head and weather get heated.

In the mean while climbing the steps, I have met my school mate. We are surprised to see each other. We have met almost after 10 years after school. We are both happy to met and started the journey together.


We have been taking orange juice, ORS water and Cucumber pieces in the intervals to keep us energetic and hydrated.

The Tirupati hills are covered fully with forests and the temple trust doing what ever possible to protect them and wild life.

In the middle there is an Deer park and the deers are coming near to the devotees while they offering food. I took some pictures of them and with them.

We have reached the hill at the time around 3'O clock in the afternoon and we finally felt the divine vibes of lord venkateswara Swamy around the hill and we are very much exhausted.

**This picture is clicked at the final 3550 step**

We took some rest, got tonsured and bathed.

Here devotees offer their hair to the lord. This tradition is hundreds of years old. When an devotee made a wish and he felt it is fulfilled by God, they will offer their hair. It's like very much symbolic representation of submission to the Lord.

After we went in the queue line at the time of 8'0 clock for the darshan ( glimpse ) of God. Even it's Saturday, there are less number of devotees..so it only took around 3 hours for us but usually it even takes 8-10 years when its peak period.

Here the specialty of temple is when the devotees are in line waiting for hours, the trust of temple provides breakfast, hot milk , sambar rice so the devotees won't get exhausted.

We have been served Spaghetti Upma which is very tasty and hot. We have chanted the Lord name hundreds of times while waiting in the line.

Finally the Darshan happen and I am spell bound, it's all like the divine presence made me speechless. I became mum and I forgot my wishes to ask. I just felt to see him silently over and over before the security directed to exist.

Those 5-10 seconds are precious time where millions of people comes to experience the divine presence.

It's around the time of morning 1 am when we got out of temple. We have been very much hungry so we had our dinner and went straight up to bed.

Surprisingly there were no leg pain after hectic and tiresome day where I am continually walking around 10-15 kilometres. I just closed my eyes and went to sleep immediately as there was another trip planned to different place.

Hope you all enjoyed the reading my trip experience. Will share more about in next post.

Thank you for reading.

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cool journey!

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