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Too many coins... too many tribes

in #tribe6 months ago

Steem was a real revelation for me about 2 years ago.

This platform allowed me to blog and earn crypto for it. I immediately fell in love with that concept (even though my 0.01 cent blogs were hard in the beginning)

But now I just cannot keep up with all these new coins being dropped on Steem Engine.

So many tribes, all bringing their own coin and their own tag and their own topic.
I just cannot follow anymore. Some just pop up in my wallet adding a few dollars worth of value and I have no clue what they are and for what they stand. Now, I am not saying no to free money but I am just saying its hard to keep the focus.


I have decided to cut back on the clutter. I am only focusing on PAL (the original) and LEO (since I write a lot about investing and crypto).
I do want to emphasise that I do not think all these projects are bad. Its just that they are not really in my realm of interest

Until something else comes along that is in my interests I am selling the dropped coins or moving them to a curation alt to get the curation rewards.

I have sold some of these new coins and bought some more LEOMM so they are not leaving the ecosystem. They are just being focused a little more.

Do you not feel that you are trying to write for as many tags and coins as possible?

I do so I am going back to my old ways of posting and just adding the tags I know of. My head is spinning trying to follow all that is going on and I like innovation but I also like to keep a bit of focus.

How are you guys handling all these new projects?

  • staking
  • selling for other projects
  • selling for steem

Let me know, I am curious to find out how everyone else is handling this.


I completely agree: it is too much in such a short time. Every time I wake up and check Steem-Engine, a new token is in there. A lot of them don't even seem to have any kind of use.

I sell the ones that are useless to me, like the JAHM Tokens I received yesterday. They were worth a little, and because it's a niche I never write about, I thought I could do without. But I have a couple that aren't even worth selling, like the few I got when playing Epic Dice a couple of times. +450 tokens for a value of $0.01.

A couple of days ago, I received GEEK tokens in several accounts I have. I have like 50.000 of them, but can't find any information on what they will be useful for. I consider this to be a big mistake, so I doubt they will ever be worth something. Gonna sell them and invest in PAL, SPT, GG or Battle or maybe buy myself some Qurator tokens instead.

Using tags used to be a breeze, now I find myself keeping a list of tags to use for which topic. Gonna switch to my old system again, because all these tribe tags are not going to bring in more people who are interested in your post.

I delegate the bigger part of the tokens I keep to other accounts which I've set up just to curate, and that seems to work pretty good.

same thing, although I have a bit more of the epic dice and just holding them pays out a dividend every day. I guess it depends on how much you played but those I would not sell, any passive income is nice in my opinion

what? you missed a sportspal tag! maybe i will only give you 1/2 a vote :)

yeah i'm gravitating to sports and leo so mostly trade others for them.

trying to sell for steem, but then end up buying something else lol. sofar been a good steem sink for me.

hehe, I try not to take to much steem out of my account. I did that in the beginning,
so you are basically taking the same approach. focus on a few

It's true that the communities and currencies are becoming too numerous. I staked pal and a couple of other currencies but I tend to sell new airdrops now. Since there are only 5 tags available there is no use to stake more than 5 coins I believe ;-)

As i can tell from the comments here we are all going with similar approaches. Guess I am not alone in this

The steem ocean really has become big! So indeed choices have to be made. I did stake all the coins I got from the different airdrops. But I will only be using a few of them.
My focuss will be on Sports (hence my nickname), PAL (would be stupid to neglect that one) and GG (gamer token).
I do like to write about sports, so that one was obvious. The gaming tag comes in handy when writing about steemmonsters.
But I will not change my posting behaviour. But I am thinking about creating an extra account or two for upvoting on those condensers.

I have a few other accounts that are just voting for the curation and making a nice return on that. Now those as well are starting to get some tokens on top

The steem ocean really has become big!

very true and you cannot swim in all directions at once. then you would just stay still

I was thinking about setting up a special sports account to upvote posts. But didn’t bite the bullet yet if it is worth it or not.
On the other condenser I don’t have enough power to even make a little dent so no option for those.

Really like that last sentence 👍

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I still cope - but if there is an increase in tribes, it will become very difficult

any preference in tribes?
Its hard to keep track of new Dapps, so the tribes only make things more confusing

Together we will solve any problem - I urge to communicate more and write honest comments and criticism is only welcome - I can provide a list with shortcomings that are easy to fix and increase usability

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Dear @felander

It's a very old topic so I'm not even sure if you will read my comment.

I absolutely agree with you that currently amount of new coins and tribes is insane. I wish to know if there is any way to "clear" those who were created just for fun purposes, or will we stuck with all that rubbish.

I'm also only on PAL and LEO :) So welcome on board.

I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:


I would appreciate it greately.


Yeah so many scams! Heres one more!
Flag complements @swelker101!